Goldmund Telos 800: Not your average power amplifier

Swiss company Goldmund has launched its very first stereo power amplifier, the Telos 800. With sky-high ambitions - and a price tag to match.

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Goldmund Telos 800: Not your average power amplifier

Goldmund’s first stereo power amplifier, the Telos 800, is designed to compete with the best mono amplifiers on the market. Except Goldmund’s own, of course. Because what do you say to a mono amplifier that costs over €125,000 each? Goldmund can deliver that in the form of the Telos 2800.

Goldmund Telos-800-low-res-6-of-14
57 kilos of exquisite Swiss high-end. (Photo: Goldmund)

If you think two mono amplifiers are a little too impractical to have on your living room floor, the Telos 800 stereo amplifier is now available.

The amplifier delivers 300 watts (RMS) per channel into 8 ohms or 390 watts into 4 ohms. A solid 3,200VA toroidal transformer and an impressive 93,600 μF capacitor bank ensure a stable power supply for what is described as top-notch sound quality.

Goldmund promises a distortion of less than 0.05% (intermodulation and harmonic distortion combined) and a noise floor of less than 3 microvolts. The signal-to-noise ratio is stated at a respectable 110 dB.

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2500 watts and an insane frequency range.

Specifications alone say very little about sound quality, especially when we know how much cheating and fudging sometimes goes into many claimed specifications. So these numbers don’t look very impressive. But if they actually deliver what they promise, and we reckon they do in this case, that’s pretty good.

Goldmund Telos-800-low-res-12-of-14.png.pagespeed.ic.u6KIso_K-i
(Photo: Goldmund)

Digital connection

In terms of connections, we find both unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR inputs. Nothing unusual there. You can also ground the speaker connections, which is pretty special.

The most special thing about the Goldmund Telos 800, however, is that it has both digital input and output, in the form of coaxial SPDIF. The idea is that it can be used in digital mode with, for example, the Mimesis 32.5 processor. The digital output can, for example, be connected to a subwoofer to keep the music signal as unaffected as possible throughout the chain.

Goldmund Telos-800-low-res-7-of-14.png.pagespeed.ic.O16a37bY3W
(Photo. Goldmund)

Silver grey – but also in black

The Telos 800 comes in Goldmund’s familiar silver grey finish, but is also available in black on request. And for those who want a personal touch, one of the silver grey rings on top can be replaced with a gold one.

Goldmund recommends its own Mimesis Signature as an ideal preamp for the Telos 800, but emphasises that it will work well with any high-end preamplifier.

Goldmund Telos-800-low-res-5-of-14.png.pagespeed.ic.w1nOQyoB4G
With gold-coloured ring (Photo: Goldmund)

Goldmund Telos 800: Availability and price

The amplifier falls into the category “If you need to ask the price, you can’t afford it.” But just for fun, we can mention that the price is set at 72,500 euros. That actually makes it one of the least unaffordable we’ve seen from Goldmund. And you can also rest assured that we’re talking about really good stuff…

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  1. I almost fell of my chair from laughing when I read the price of it. For less than € 2000,00 you can buy a fantastic class D amp ,
    This Goldmund is just old skool nonsense.

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