Completely wireless Oppo Enco X is tuned by Dynaudio

The completely wireless earplugs Oppo Enco X have active noise reduction. The sound is by Dynaudio.

By / 21 October 2020 - 3:54 pm
Completely wireless Oppo Enco X is tuned by Dynaudio

Enco X is Oppo’s latest addition to the completely wireless earbuds category (similar to Apple AirPods). A dual-core processor controls the active noise reduction (ANC), and the earbuds use the latest version of Bluetooth, namely 5.2.

Noise cancellation

Oppo Enco X phases out noise using the said processor and three microphones. The same system removes noise during mobile calls for clearer voice reproduction. In addition, Enco X has a so-called “transparency mode”, which does the opposite and instead amplifies sounds from the outside. Nice when you need to hear traffic around you or when someone is going to talk to you.

Bluetooth 5.2

As mentioned, Enco X uses Bluetooth 5.2. We do not yet know exactly what that means in this specific case, but the new version of Bluetooth allows for a better audio codec than the half-sad SBC standard that has been used for “all years”. The new codec is called LC3 and is part of the Bluetooth Low Energy Audio standard. This means first and foremost that sound now requires less energy to transmit via Bluetooth (increased battery life), but also that you get increased sound quality at a given bitstream. Whether Oppo has used this opportunity in Enco X remains to be seen.

But another audio code we know exists is the so-called LHDC. Yes, we know there will be many letters and abbreviations, but this means that the Oppo Enco X can receive sound in virtually lossless quality over Bluetooth. The bandwidth is increased to as much as 990 Kbps, the same as with Sony’s LDAC codec which is found in all Android mobiles. The LHDC, on the other hand, is not a widespread standard but one that is primarily fronted by Huawei. Now also by Oppo.

oppo enco x dynaudio
Dynaudio has adjusted the sound on the Oppo Enco X. Photo. Oppo

Sound by Dynaudio

Oppo obviously wants to offer the very best sound, because in this department they have received help from none other than Dynaudio. The Danish (Chinese-owned) speaker manufacturer has a high reputation in both the hi-fi and studio industry, which makes us excited to hear what they can get out of a pair of affordable earbuds around $ 150.

Photo: Oppo

Plan magnets

Enco X uses 11 mm planar magnetic speaker elements, which Oppo claims have “superconducting properties”. This is quite misleading, as no materials are close to superconducting properties in plus degrees, not to mention room temperature (the world record so far is -22 ° C). But we can guess that it is a ceramic composition that at least has good conducting properties.

oppo enco x colors
Oppo Enco X comes in the colors bamboo green, black and white. Photo: Oppo

Oppo Enco X: Battery life

Oppo Enco X has a battery life of up to 25 hours including the charging case, and around 5.5 hours in the plugs alone.

Oppo has opened for pre-order in China for 999 yan, which directly translates to 1400 kroner. The price may probably be somewhat higher when the product is eventually sold in Norway.

Oppo Enco X comes in the colors black, white and bamboo green.

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