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Xbox Series X and S will be released on November 10

Now we also know how much they will cost!

Rumors have long swirled around Microsoft’s upcoming game consoles, but now the company has taken the magazine by the mouth and revealed both the launch date and Norwegian prices.

Can be pre-ordered from September 22

Both the top model Xbox Series X and the little brother Series S (without 4K Blu-ray disc drive) will be available in stores from November 10. Microsoft also opens for pre-order from September 22. Although a number of stores have advertised with pre-order for a period, it is only now that the new game consoles have also received a release date and official price: Xbox One X will cost 499, while Series X will cost 399.

In connection with the launch, Microsoft also offers a package solution called Xbox All Access, where you can buy the game console in installments over two years. With the purchase, you then get a subscription to the online service Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which provides access to over a hundred games, online multiplayer and more.

Awesome graphics and sound

Xbox Series X and S use a lot of new technology to provide a hefty gaming experience. The new game consoles support HDR video at up to 120 frames per second (The more powerful Series X can handle 4K resolution, while the Series S seems to have to settle for 1440p). At the same time, graphic features such as raytracing provide almost photorealistic game graphics. From 2021, some game titles will also be available in Dolby Vision HDR format. On the audio side, there will also be support for Dolby Atmos 3D sound! Note: If you want to take full advantage of the new features, it may be time to upgrade your TV and audio system at home …

Check out the Xbox Series S launch video here:

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Now we also know how much they will cost!

Now we also know how much they will cost!

Now we also know how much they will cost!

Now we also know how much they will cost!

Now we also know how much they will cost!

Now we also know how much they will cost!

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