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QuadCast S – HyperX microphone for streaming and home office

As the autumn creeps in, more and more people are being sent home to work. But that does not mean that you have to settle for bad sound in the Zoom meetings if it stands for HyperX. And it does not have to be boring either!

QuadCast S is the name of a USB microphone with built-in RGB lighting effects. On the more objective level, it has an anti-vibration stand and a built-in pop filter. The QuadCast S microphone has four microphone characteristics: stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid and bidirectional.

“HyperX aims to equip streamers, educators, students and businesses with user – friendly equipment as people continue to work, study and play from home,” said Edward Baily, HyperX’s Northern European Business Development Manager.

The QuadCast S microphone promises compatibility with chat programs and is certified by Discord and TeamSpeak.

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