HP Omen Wireless – Lightning fast wireless gaming equipment

New Omen accessory with Warp Wireless technology

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HP Omen Wireless – Lightning fast wireless gaming equipment

HP Omen Wireless is the gaming equipment for those who want wireless gaming.

Almost everyone would have switched to wireless keyboards, mice and headsets, if they could. A challenge in gaming is unfortunately that you can not tolerate delay in any joint, if you are not to be shot in the back of the head by the enemy before you can turn around! Or if you want to improve your lap time in your favorite racing game, every hundredth of a second is important.

HP is now launching wireless accessories in the Omen series, where the delay should be minimal, almost at par with cable. Thanks to Warp Wireless technology, which eliminates delay and provides a more stable wireless connection.

HP OMEN Frequency Wireless Headset
HP Omen Frequency Wireless Headset. Photo: HP

Omen Frequency wireless headset

HP Omen Frequency delivers sound without delay, so all sounds arrive on time. If the enemy lurks in the grass, you must hear it before you are in danger.

The headset simulates 7.1 surround sound, and you can adjust the amount of surround sound, sound from the rear channels, and compress the sound at your own convenience. Up to 30 hours of battery life is promised, and the headset is charged with USB-C. The microphone has a built-in noise reduction for the clearest possible speech.

HP Omen Frequency supports PC but also Mac, iOS, Chrome, PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch, then with the included audio cable.

HP OMEN Vector Wireless Mouse
HP Omen Vector is set to be the world’s fastest wireless gaming mouse. Photo: HP

Omen Vector wireless mouse

The new gaming mouse in the Omen series is claimed to be the world’s fastest mouse with USB-C charging. It provides up to 10 hours of battery life after just five minutes of charging, while a full charge of 90 minutes provides up to 180 hours of use time.

Use the Omen Command Center app to adjust the sensitivity of pointers and buttons, as well as RGB light. The resolution of the mouse is as much as 16,000 DPI, and we promise that the mechanical switches can withstand 50 million clicks. Each.

HP OMEN Spacer Wireless TLK Keyboard

HP Omen Spacer Wireless Gaming Keyboard. Photo: HP

Omen Spacer compact wireless keyboard

The new wireless keyboard Omen Spacer should be ergonomic, and at the same time take up little space on the desktop, because it is of the type TKL (thinkyless) which means that the numeric keypad has been removed. The keyboard is wireless, but it can also be connected with cable if you wish.

The battery provides up to 75 hours of use, and it takes five minutes to charge for six hours of use. With USB-C, of course. Use the Omen Command Center to adjust the intensity and color of the backlight. The keys use MX Cherry Brown roof switches, and the keyboard should be 100 percent anti-ghost. Which means that you are guaranteed that all keystrokes are registered, even if they are pressed at the same time. The technology that provides this is called N Key Rollover, or NKRO.

The keyboard also has a magnetically removable rest support for the backs of the hands.

Availability and prices

The Omen Frequency Wireless Headset will be launched at the end of September for 299. The same goes for the Omen Vector Wireless mouse, but then for 199. The Omen Spacer Wireless TLK keyboard will arrive in 299 in October.

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