Razer gadgets in Dolce&Gabbana design

The Italian luxury brand has freshened up the black Razer gamer gear.

By / 17 November 2023 - 1:00 pm
Razer gadgets in Dolce&Gabbana design

Gaming has become a popular sport – but can you even go so far as to call gaming gear a fashion item?

Razer consistently refers to itself as a “lifestyle brand for gamers,” which has on occasion led to to raised, greying eyebrows in the editorial department. After all, they are merely a manufacturer of gaming accessories.

Perhaps the scepticism has gotten Razer’s attention, because now they have allied themselves with a brand that has a proven expertise in fashion accessories: Italian Dolce&Gabbana.

The result is a collection of equipment and clothing in a design that in any case can be characterised as distinctive.

The products in question are the Razer Barracuda headset (pictured above) and the Enki Pro chair (below). Both have been generously sprinkled with the D&G logo. In 24 carat gold.

(Photo: Razer / Dolce&Gabbana)

D&G has also created a range of T-shirts, hoodies and cargo pants in Razer/D&G design. They are available at

Hoodie_16-9_72DPI T-GreenShirt_16-9_72DPI Hoodie+Pants_16-9_72DPI
(Photo: Razer / Dolce&Gabbana)

Price and availability

The collection drops (which means that the items will go on sale) on 30 November at 15:00 European time on Razer’s website

It’s rare that we have to specify a so exact  time on the availability of gaming gear. But the collection is as limited in numbers as it is exclusive. There are a total of 1,337 hardware units.

The Dolce&Gabbana Razer Barracuda headset costs €700 and the Dolce&Gabbana Razer Enki Pro gaming chair costs €3,999.

Yes, that is actually the price! Prices for the normal editions are typically around a fifth of that. But without the D&G logo in 24 carat gold.

The quantity and price of the clothing is not disclosed.

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