Review: 6 party speakers

High sound pressure with party speakers

Nothing attracts people to the dance floor like a bass heavy speakers, especially if it has disco lights.

Published 2018-08-16 - 3:20 pm

Just a few years ago, there was a low level of interest in party speakers in Scandinavia. It was associated with beach parties around the Mediterranean, with Ibiza as a top destination. But something has happened, and every year the sales of these gaudy and somewhat vulgar speakers have actually increased here too. Perhaps it’s the legendary summer festivals around the Oslofjord and in Southern Norway that require ever higher volume and light shows to attract the best participants. An arms race in party atmosphere?

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Party compromises

The most important thing for a party speaker is that it plays at a sufficient sound level to overpower all squeals and perhaps also the neighbour’s modest portable speakers. It’s about showing who’s boss. Number two on the list is a real bass rendition that feels like a fist in your solar plexus, and preferably sets off car alarms in the parking lot. The third is that it should have built-in light shows so you don’t have to bring separate lamps and Strobe lights. And to round it off, all of it must be able to run on battery power, so you can set up your own sound system anywhere. If the speakers is reasonably sturdy and can withstand being transported, and maybe even have beer spilled on it, then they get an extra bonus.

Unfortunately, this s a utopia that’s hard to achieve. Two of the speakers in the test have a decent decibel level and a powerful bass, as well as plenty of flashing lights. But they are such power guzzlers that it wasn’t possible to run them on batteries. One of them had actually succeeded by plugging in a pure nuclear power plant of a battery and could blast away, but then the light show had to be removed. And then it is less of a hit, since you have to settle for only two of the four criteria. On the other hand, it will be significantly cheaper because it is expensive to be on top.



Products in this test

Soundboks 2

It actually goes to 11

It is a festival speaker above all others, with crazy sound levels with a battery life for the whole weekend.

Thundering bass and intense acoustic pressure. Very robust. Outstanding battery life.
The battery could be more protected. Expensive.

Sony MHC-V71D

Now we are talking party

Sony is king of the party with deafening volume, heavy bass and the best light effects.

Full app control. Impressive light show.
Requires caution when transporting. Overwhelming number of buttons.

Philips NTX400

Is there a party or what?

Many sound sources, festively flashing lights and great sound pressure at a reasonable price.

Many music sources. Fairly easy handling. Great sound resources and powerful bass.
No mobile phone app. The light show is a little monotonous. The NX Bass mode lasts only a short time.

Panasonic SC-UA4

Get the house party going

Good sound pressure and compact design, but unnecessary carrying handles as it does not have battery power.

Many audio sources including CD. Powerful sound with good bass. Compact format.
No app for iOS. Missing battery power. Lamps with only a fixed blue light.

iDance AC/DC TNT-3

Rock In ­Peace

Short battery time and surprisingly kind sound will make the rock n’ roll party end quickly.

Surprisingly well-built and easy to transport. No major errors in the sound quality.
Too short a battery life for outdoor parties. Missing volume resources and pressure in the bass.

JBL Pulse 3

Well lit house party

Instead of thunderous bass and glittering light, Pulse provides cosy music and a fireplace ambience.

Waterproof according to IPX7. Really cool light effects. Can be run as a stereo pair or in party mode.
Inadequate audio resources for outdoor parties. The bass is too weak for electronic dance music.
The best wireless we have heard

KEF's LS60 Wireless floorstanding speakers are nothing short of brilliant.

These made our jaws drop

The small KEF LSX II are the best wireless stereo speakers in their price range.

Wireless studio sound for the home

A pair of speakers like these is the easiest way to great sound.

Not your typical wireless speaker

2500 watts and an insane frequency range.

English Lowther is back with Almira

The new Almira is Lowther's first speaker in 30 years.

TAD is back with a new speaker

The TAD-CR1TX doesn't come cheap.

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