Review: MSI PRO MP271QP

No frills - with everything

MSI's 27-inch office screen is devoid of frills and fancy features. In return, it has everything a good work tool needs to have.

Published 2021-08-21 - 7:00 am
John Hvidlykke

We know MSI as experts in gaming equipment, especially gaming laptops in the heavyweight class, where they are among the biggest. But what about the part of the day where you can not devote yourself to the high score? During that time, work must be done…

We have already looked at both laptops from MSI and all-in-ones from the same company. But now the turn has come for a screen for work use, MSi PRO MP271QP.

As one can just deduce from the heap of letters and numbers that serves as a name (why should screen product names always be impossible to memorize ?!), this is a 27 inch screen for professional use. Professional in the sense of everyday office work, that is. And especially home office work. Professional graphic designers and photographers will demand accurate color reproduction, which requires a much more expensive screen.

The frame is ultra-thin, in fact only one and a half millimeters. (Photo: MSI)

The thickness of the frame is a place where deadly battles are fought in the computer industry. With a frame of just one and a half millimeters, the match is definitely in MSi’s favor. Although the actual image area first begins half an centimeter into the panel.

WQHD resolution

The resolution is WQHD (2560 x 1440 pixels). It’s an acceptable resolution – and far better than Full HD. But it feels a bit coarse-grained, and the space on Windows’ Desktop is a bit cramped when I’m used to working on a 4K screen of the same size. In practice, the difference is perceived as slightly smaller, as icons and fonts are displayed with a smaller magnification.

However, it only costs a little more to get 4K resolution, e.g. on the Philips 288E2A.

The screen has the settings for brightness, contrast and limitation of blue light that you can expect, and the operation is fairly logical. There are two HDMI inputs and a DisplayPort.

For Windows’ “pling” only

Since HDMI devices act as external sound cards on the computer, there are of course built-in speakers in the screen. I have definitely heard worse sound quality than from these. But not much worse. The sound seems stuffy and weak, so if you need to hear anything other than Windows’ warning sounds, you absolutely need external speakers.

The MSI PRO MP271QP is especially designed to be used in the home office. Here it will be a great advantage that it can be adjusted and angled in every conceivable way. (Photo: MSI)

A working position can always be found

At one point, the MSI PRO MP271QP stands out from the norm in the price range: the screen can be adjusted and rotated on every conceivable axis, making it easier to find a sensible working position in the home office. It can be lifted and lowered vertically, tilted backwards, rotated about its vertical axis – and as the icing on the cake is rotated 90 degrees to vertical format.

Unfortunately, the screen does not automatically rotate the image to vertical format when doing this. You have to do this yourself in the screen setup. Preferably before turning the screen.

The screen can be set to portrait mode. However, the image is not rotated automatically. (Photo: MSI)


MSI PRO MP271QP is a 27-inch work screen for the home office that is comfortable and unproblematic in both design, price and customization options. It wins no awards for towering resolution, high speed or advanced connectivity. But it looks comfortable, and since it can be tilted and turned in every conceivable way, you are almost guaranteed to be able to find a good working position.

4K resolution would be a plus, but as long as you are not working with ultra-high definition video, it is really not a problem.

The MSI PRO MP271QP has no advanced features, but it is relatively inexpensive and has everything needed. (Photo: MSI)


Can be tilted and turned in all directions - and rotated. The frame is super narrow. Not for 4K resolution. The sound is lousy.

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