Yamaha: More products get Roon certification

A number of Yamaha receivers have been awarded the Roon stamp, specifically "Roon Tested". But what does that mean for you?

By / 16 February 2024 - 8:00 am
Yamaha: More products get Roon certification

Yamaha is respected by many – including us at L&B Tech Reviews – for their high-quality products. Their amplifiers, sound sources and speakers are the real deal, and streaming is mastered to perfection through their MusicCast system. But many hi-fi enthusiasts have missed support for Roon. Now Yamaha is reaching out to Roon enthusiasts with “Roon Tested” certification on a range of products.

The following surround receivers and amplifiers are now “Roon Tested”:

  • RX-A8A
  • RX-A6A
  • RX-A4A
  • RX-A2A
  • RX-V6A
  • RX-V4A
  • TSR-70
  • TSR-400

Stereo receivers that are “Roon Tested” are:

This is Roon

But first things first: What is Roon? Roon is an interface – or a computer program, if you will – that plays your stored music files and can also stream from internet radio, Qobuz and Tidal.

Visually, Roon gives you a good overview of the music, and many appreciate that it makes sure to include cover images, text presentations of the artists – and provides personalised music tips just for you. Once the application is open on your computer, it can – if you wish – be controlled easily and clearly with a mobile app.

(Screenshot: Roon for Mac)

Streams different sources

Roon is also great for streaming different audio sources. If you have a connected Bluetooth speaker, a network amplifier with AirPlay or a USB DAC connected – or all of them at the same time – they will appear in Roon and you can select them as a source. You can even group multiple AirPlay devices together to play as a group – the same with Chromecast devices.

Audio-wise, Roon provides the most bit-perfect signal path from your computer directly to a DAC, as well as an overview of any bottlenecks in the digital signal path. Advanced EQ settings are included, as well as the option for room correction.

Roon Ready

Many hi-fi manufacturers have partnered directly with Roon for the best possible music experience. If you see a product that is certified “Roon Ready”, you know that the product is fully supported by Roon and that the two will work seamlessly together over the network. High-resolution music files will work flawlessly and you’ll get the full benefit of high-resolution streaming services. And the product has enough computing power to handle Roon’s many different DSP algorithms.

roon tested-topaz
(Illustration: Roon)

Roon Tested

Then there’s the second Roon labelling, “Roon Tested”, which Yamaha now offers. How does it differ from Roon Ready?

Where Roon Ready is fully certified by Roon and has been tested back and forth by both the hi-fi manufacturer and Roon to ensure seamless functionality, Roon Tested means something different. It’s simply a confirmation from Roon that the product works as it should. Either via AirPlay, Chromecast or USB cable. The Roon app will find your product and play music to it. Roon simply guarantees that the product works as intended.

This labelling in itself is nothing new, but it’s not often you get a separate press release about something that may seem like a non-news item more than anything else. Is this just the first of many upcoming press releases from various players paying Roon for such a confirmation? Is it Roon’s new owner Harman deciding to make some extra money? Possibly.

R-N2000A front
Yamaha R-N2000A. (Photo: Yamaha)

The road ahead for Yamaha and Roon

However, we’d like to believe in another possibility. That Yamaha and Roon have bigger plans together. By first getting a Roon Tested stamp on existing products, Yamaha shows that they have finally taken Roon seriously. Then, we’ll see future products with a full Roon Ready certification.

We’re pretty confident that will happen.

You can read the full press release here.

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