Victrola Stream Carbon plays records on Wi-Fi

Looking for some multi-room quality time? Then connect a vinyl player to your Sonos system.

written by / 2023-04-11 - 8:00 am
Victrola Stream Carbon plays records on Wi-Fi

Victrola is not a name we associate with recognised hi-fi quality. In fact, it’s a brand that’s barely known in our part of the world at all. At least not in the hi-fi context. Most of Victrola’s products are turntables or all-in-one systems in a highly retro American style and at prices that leave all hope of quality out of the equation.

The Victrola Stream Carbon can play records on the Sonos system via Wi-Fi. (Photo: Victrola)

Then, suddenly, the Victrola Stream Carbon appears on the scene: a minimalist but decent-looking turntable with an Ortofon 2M Red pickup – and the ability to play records on your Sonos system via Wi-Fi. There are also RCA outputs, so you can plug the turntable into a regular stereo or a pair of active speakers.

The Victrola Stream Carbon costs around €1000. Which is 5-10 times as much as the systems we have so far become acquainted with from Victrola.

We are curious – and hope to return with a review.

(Photo: Victrola)

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