Wireless CD player with radio and network

Wireless CD player with radio and network

Technics SA-C600 network receiver. Here you only need a couple of good speakers.

Published 2022-01-06 - 10:00 am

At Technics, they have found a hole in the range, which the new SA-C600 will cover. It is a versatile network player, with a built-in CD player – and turntable input for MM.

The idea is that the SA-C600 will act as a sound source and amplifier for a pair of speakers, or be inserted into a system that lacks power.

The player also has DAB, network and FM radio, and with Chromecast you can easily stream from Spotify or Tidal, and connect Technics SA-C600 with other devices for wireless streaming in several rooms.

A built-in 2 x 60 watts (4 ohms) digital amplifier is suitable for a couple of small speakers, provided they are not very hard-driven – typically below 86 dB, and you can connect a sub to the subwoofer output on the back for fuller bass if you have small speakers.

The CD player on top is the same as we know from Technics C70 Mk2, and SA-C600 naturally has Technics Space Tune for sound optimization, and JENO Engine which reduces digital noise.

It also has optical audio input that switches input when it recognizes a signal, but lacks HDMI and AirPlay 2.

The Technics player will be in the stores from February.


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Kevin A Walker

You are correct that it does not have HDMI but it does support AirPlay2

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