Rytm design koncept

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Rytm design koncept

Okay – it’s just a prototype. Or a design concept, if you will, but take a second look. You don’t have to be an armchair design enthusiast to want a Rytm turntable in your living room.

It’s currently a design project from industrial designer Jorge Paez, and it’s not even certain that it will ever be produced. Paez has taken inspiration for the design from several places. Among others, Hans Gugelot and Dieter Ram’s designs for Braun, such as the integrated Braun Phonosuper SK4/1 system with a turntable on top.

(Photo: Braunaudio)

The vertical stripes on the Frankfurt Fair’s warehouse hall clearly inspired Baez’s turntable design, and the Hermès exhibition at Milan Design Week in 2022 and the Stripes, Rhythm and Direction exhibition at the Nordiska Museum in Stockholm probably also inspired the design.

(Illustration: Rytm)

The turntable has a unique design feature where the arm is an integral part of the striped area on the right side. All the controls are also located there, and the idea is that the arm is only raised when the player is started.

In addition to an on/off button, there is a speed switch and what looks like a volume control, or is it pitch?

(Illustration: Rytm)

Jorge Paez has not mentioned the status – or hinted at a price for the turntable. The website is rather sparse on information, and you shouldn’t get your hopes up that it will go into production.

(Illustration: Rytm)

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