Ruark Audio R2 MK4

Bluetooth table radio in retro design.

written by / 2022-10-19 - 9:00 am
Ruark Audio R2 MK4

English Ruark Audio has long been among the best at making table radios with good sound. This one is hardly an exception. The radio, which also has built-in Bluetooth, is Ruark’s fourth table radio. With even better sound, if you believe Alan O’Rourke, who thinks an R2 radio is the perfect companion to your morning coffee (or tea for that matter).

The radio itself is small and neat, and fits neatly into the kitchen, where you can listen to the radio via FM or DAB+, and stream from Spotify or another streaming service whenever you like.

Photo: Ruark

It can be controlled remotely, or from the UNDOK app, which also offers you audio settings, and you can see on the colour screen what’s playing. The radio comes in a dark variant called espresso, with a speaker front in walnut, or in a lighter version with a front in ash.

It also has audio input, USB charging with support for USB playback, and headphone output.

The R2 MK4 radio measures 34 x 18.5 x 15 cm, and is priced at €599.

Photo: Ruark

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