Reloop Hi-Fi Turn 3 MK2 – improved version

Comes with 2M Red MM pickup and built-in phono stage.

written by / 2022-12-11 - 8:00 am
Reloop Hi-Fi Turn 3 MK2 – improved version

As the name reveals, Reloop Hi-Fi Turn 3 MK2 is a new version of a turntable we already know. The new MK2 edition has been improved in several essential areas, all of course for better sound than before.

Although German Reloop is best known for their DJ turntables, they made a name for themselves in hi-fi circles in record time with the Turn 5 and Turn 3. This time it’s the latter that has undergone a transformation with a number of changes.

Among other things, new tools have allowed Reloop to increase the quality of the bearings for the drive and tonearm, which is shown here in a new version.

245241 Reloop AB1
Photo: Reloop

The arm tube is cast in one piece, with a removable pickup housing with SME mount, so it’s easy to change the pickup. Included is a pre-assembled Ortofon 2M Red MM pickup and built-in high-quality phono stage.

Reloop Turn 3 MK2 from behind.


The turntable has also been equipped with a fully cast aluminium platter with damping and extra mass. The platter is cast in and should, together with the new platter, provide a smoother rotation and stability.

It is also possible to make digital copies of vinyl records by connecting the player to a PC or Mac via the USB output. The Turn 3 MK2 is priced at €530, which in our opinion makes it very competitive in this class.

245241 Reloop AB5
Photo: Reloop


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  1. Stefan Nagiel

    Could you account for the 2M Red cartridge and confirm this would be suitable for the Elac Miracord 50 which mimics this Turntable and I would like to fit one….? Thanks….

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