Pro-Ject Power Box DS3 and Power Box Phono S3

You can connect six devices to one power supply.

By / 10 February 2023 - 9:30 am
Pro-Ject Power Box DS3 and Power Box Phono S3

Many turntables come with an external power supply. So do many other stereo components, and usually the small power supplies included are of questionable quality.

They are rarely, if ever, immune to the noise that travels all the way from the socket to the electronics inside the components. For turntables, this means small changes in speed that may not be clearly audible, but result in uneven rotation. In an amplifier or CD player, the noise is carried all the way to the speakers.

Pro-Ject believes they have found a solution to the first problem with the Power Box Phono S3.

Power Box Phono S3. (Photo: Pro-Ject)The small box is powerful enough to provide noise-free power for both a turntable and a separate phono stage (RIAA stage). It can be used for players and phono stages that require either 15 or 18 volts of voltage, and is available in both black and silver grey.

The price is listed at 179 euros.


Power Box Phono S3 with 15 V and 18 V. (Photo: Pro-Ject)


Pro-Ject Power Box DS3 Sources is, as the name suggests, a power supply for multiple devices. It can be used with six devices, two at 9 volts, one at 15 volts and three at 18 volts.


The back of the Power Box DS3. (Photo: Pro-Ject)

It has low ESR capacitors and a filter capacity of 10,000 μF with a copper-shielded transformer inside. It also offers surge protection and the option of attaching wooden panels to the sides with small magnets.

Power Box DS3 Sources costs more, of course, the price is listed at 699 Euro.


Power Box DS3 Sources. (Photo. Pro-Ject)

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