Pro-Ject Debut PRO S with detachable pickup

There is a new flagship in the Debut series.

Published 2022-09-09 - 8:40 am

Pro-Ject has just launched the Debut PRO S – the new flagship of the Debut series. It’s a bit bigger, better built and should sound even better.

The turntables in the Debut series tend to be simple and manual, aimed primarily at those who need an affordable and simple turntable.

With this new member of the family, some things have happened that suggest Pro-Ject believes the Debut PRO S should be the series’ very best turntable.

Debut PRO S Tonearm black
Debut PRO S Tonearm

A larger plinth, which is 46.5 cm wide, provides a more stable turntable. It has been equipped with a new 10-inch S-shaped tonearm with SME connector, with vertical tracking angle adjustment and detachable pickup. The latter is a Pick it S2 C, made for Pro-Ject by Ortofon, and with the characteristic Concorde bend.

An aluminium sub-platter is driven by a silicone belt, and on top a TPE-damped aluminium platter rotates. Incidentally, an extra strap is included for playing 78s.

Debut PRO S Alu Sub Platter
Debut PRO S Alu Sub Platter

TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) are also used in the motor mount to dampen vibrations, and the player has adjustable feet in CNC-machined aluminium.

Debut PRO TonearmBlock
Debut PRO TonearmBlock

The latest in the debut series will go on sale in September for €899, including pickup and dust cover.

Debut PRO S VTA Setting
Debut PRO S VTA Setting


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Miles Morris

I own a Debut 3. It sounds good but I have grown to really dislike the hanging weight for anti skating. I’d pick one of these up in a heartbeat if anti skating was done differently!

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