New version of Vertere Phono-1

Vertere's turntable amplifier has arrived in an updated version, called Phono-1 MKII L

written by / 2022-07-26 - 9:00 am
New version of Vertere Phono-1

The differences are subtle but significant. That’s how Touraj Moghaddam, founder and CEO of London firm Vertere explains his new version of their multi-award winning turntable amplifier.

This is the third version of the amplifier, which now has an “L” on its backplate and goes by the name Vertere Phono-1 MKII L Phono Preamplifier.

The new version features improved performance, a new gold-plated L-shaped circuit board and easier access to the DIP switches for adjusting load impedance, input capacitance and gain. The unit is available now and costs EUR 1895.

Vertere Phono Inner
The interior of the RIAA amplifier has been improved. Again. (Photo: Vertere)

Uncommon ground

The amplifier has an unusual switch for selecting the grounding of the signal, where you can choose between Hard Ground, Ground Lift and Soft Ground. In some systems, this can result in even lower background noise from the turntable.

DIP switches at the bottom of the unit allow a choice of 15 input impedances and 9 different capacitances, as well as 10 gain options. So, for example, you can tame a somewhat spiky-sounding MC pickup by adding capacitance instead of reducing the input impedance.

The Phono-1 MKII L is available in a variety of finishes to match the system and other Vertere devices.

Vertere Phono 1 Silver 2 Vertere Phono 1 Orange 2 Vertere Phono 1 Gloss Black 2 Vertere Phono 1 Black 2
The Phono-1 MKII L is available in a range of finishes to match the system and other Vertere devices.

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