Musical Fidelity’s hybrid amplifier is a special kind of amplifier

The integrated Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 800.2 has valves in the preamplifier section. And not just any kind of valves.

By / 3 August 2023 - 8:00 am
Musical Fidelity’s hybrid amplifier is a special kind of amplifier

Musical Fidelity’s new Nu-Vista series has a new member, a powerful integrated amplifier called Nu-Vistas 800.2.

Nuvistor valves

Four so-called Nuvistor valves in the 6S51N preamplifier stage will contribute to the amplifier’s “marvellously deep sound”. The principle dates back to the 1950s, when Nuvistor valves were designed as a more reliable alternative to conventional valves, with excellent performance, less noise and in a size that didn’t require much space.

(Photo: Musical Fidelity)

The preamplifier stage is further connected to two separate power amplifier stages. For true channel separation without the channels affecting each other.

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330 watts

The output power is a whopping 330 watts into 8 ohms, surpassing key competitors like the McIntosh MA9500, Hegel H590 and Rotel Michi X5 S2, and coming close to the Gryphon Diablo 333 (but being beaten by the Bladelius Oden). Either way, the output power is more than enough to drive any speakers you want to hook it up to.

Nu-Vista 800.2-13-enhanced
(Photo: Musical Fidelity)

On the back, there are four unbalanced RCA inputs and one balanced XLR input. We would have liked to see two balanced inputs for enthusiasts who have both a CD player and a music streamer with balanced outputs. Fortunately, the amplifier has a home theatre bypass function that turns the amplifier into a power amplifier for use in a home theatre setup.

The amplifier also has a preamplifier output if you either want even more power from a power amplifier or use an active subwoofer. In addition, there’s an output with a fixed maximum output level, which is nice if you have a headphone amplifier.

On the front, there’s a new and larger digital display that can be transformed into a classic VU meter, among other things. A blue light on the underside is fortunately optional to have switched on or off.

Nu-Vista 800.2
(Photo: Musical Fidelity)

Resists magnetism and vibrations

The power supply in the 800.2 has been upgraded from its predecessor with new transformers where the copper wire is wound in a way that creates less magnetic flux around it. Musical Fidelity promises significantly lower noise levels and lower distortion.

Musical Fidelity promises that the Nu-Vista 800.2 is of uncompromising build quality and that the cabinet has enough mass to withstand mechanical vibrations, while the front and side panels act as a Faraday cage that blocks electromagnetic influences.

(Photo: Musical Fidelity)

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 800.2: Price and availability

The huge integrated amplifier costs around 11,990 euros and is available now in black and silver.

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