Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista

Musical Fidelity turns up the heat with new Nu-Vista amplifiers.

Published 2023-01-22 - 8:00 am

Musical Fidelity was founded by Antony Michaelson, who is also a professional musician. The founder had an affinity for Class A amplifiers, which are characterised by their silky-smooth musicality, but also for the heat they give off. The slightly too compact integrated Musical Fidelity A1 could get so hot it went out like a light.

Modern Musical Fidelity amplifiers, on the other hand, are renowned for their reliability and combination of raw power and finesse, and there’s little to suggest that the new Nu-Vista range is any different.

Nu-Vista PRE. (Photo Musical Fidelity)

According to Heinz Lichtenegger, the new series has cost his company – Audio Tuning – 1 million euros to develop. For that sum, they have managed to develop a preamplifier, a stereo power amplifier and a mono power amplifier. All with Class A amplifier stages and separate power supplies.

All three are built as with separate mono circuits, balanced and with discrete components, Nuvistor valves, and plenty of power to the power amps.

NU-Vista-PRE-silver-front+displayjpg MF-NU-VISTA-PRE-PSU-silver-inside MF-NU-VISTA-PRE-inside MF-remote Nu-Vista-PRE-back-2

Nu… what?

The amplifiers do not use conventional output transistors or radio valves, but Nuvistor valves. It’s a design that stretches back to the 1950s, when Nuvistor valves were made as a more reliable alternative to ordinary valves, with less noise, lower microphony, and in a size that didn’t take up too much space.

Musical Fidelity has used Nuvistor valves in the Nu-Vista series before, and here they are used to full advantage.

MF-NU-VISTA-PAS-silver-inside MF-PAM-inside MF-NU_VISTA-PAS-PSU.silver-inside NU-Vista-Plug-1 Nu-Vista-PAS-back-2 Nu-Vista-PAS-silver-front-2+display-final

6S51N Nuvistor-valves

The Nu-Vista PRE preamplifier uses eight 6S51N Nuvistor valves in a fully balanced circuit with a Class A stage for each channel, which can deliver as much as 50 watts of power. On the back it has 12 inputs, six of them balanced XLR inputs.

Similar to the power amps, the Nu-Vista PRE also has a separate Nu-Vista PRE PSU power supply, made specifically for the preamp.

Nu-Vista-PAS-silver-front-2+display-final NU-VISTA-PAM-NEW

The Nu-Vista PAS stereo power amplifier also features a fully balanced circuit with a Class A stage for each channel. Here it’s eight 6S51N Nuvistor valves per channel, delivering 300 watts per channel into 8 ohms, or 500 watts into 4 ohms.

The Nu-Vista PAM mono power amplifier is a bridged mono PAS with up to 150 amps of output current and a full 600 watts per channel into 8 ohms, or 1 kW into 4 ohms. It is also capable of delivering 1.5 kW – 1,500 watts – into 2 ohms.


  • Nu-Vista PRE with PSU: 22,000 €
  • Nu-Vista PAS with PSU: 24.000 €
  • Nu-Vista PAM with PSU: 22.000 €
Nu-Vista PAM


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