Linn Sondek fan helps design the LP12-50

Linn's anniversary model is created in collaboration with an Apple designer.

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Linn Sondek fan helps design the LP12-50

With a 50th anniversary approaching, there was already a plan for a commemorative version of Linn’s most iconic product, the Sondek LP12 turntable. But in 2022, the year before the anniversary year, there was no clear definition of what the anniversary edition would look like. Presumably, Gilad Tiefenbrun and his team were just going to build a top-of-the-line turntable in a unique design and colour, and slap a brass nameplate on it.

At least, that’s how most people celebrate with anniversary versions.

But then something happened that neither he nor anyone else on the team expected. In early 2022, a LinkedIn enquiry appeared in Gilad Tiefenbrun’s inbox. He didn’t recognise the sender and deleted the query. It was supposedly from a Jony Ive, the same name as Apple’s chief designer of 20 years.

Spam, Gilad thought, but couldn’t get the Linkedin message out of his head. What if…

Gilad Tiefenbrun and Sir Jony Ive. (Photo: Linn)

Gilad rummaged through the trash in LinkedIn, found the enquiry and got in touch. A FaceTime meeting was arranged and you can see the result below. It turned out to be the real Sir Jony Ive, who was obviously a big fan of Linn and was both considering a deal and how about a collaboration? Gilad talked about the 50th anniversary and Sir Jony Ive and his new design company, LoveFrom, offered to help.

Photo: Linn

So they created this one. Linn Sondek LP12-50. A true anniversary model, only 250 units will be produced in white or dark wood. It doesn’t differ much from a regular LP12, apart from the rounded corners on the inside of the cabinet, but it has a brand new Bedrok plinth with high-pressure moulded birch that forms a denser and stiffer plinth.

12_Linn_FrontTopDownButton-Wood_02_wr LP1250_White_CloseUp_Hinge 16_Linn_PureBack-Wood_02_wr

Naturally, the turntable is equipped with Linn’s best tonearm, pickup and power supply, and it will no doubt play phenomenally well. Unfortunately, we’re unlikely to hear it for ourselves, as the price of €60,000 and only 250 copies means it’s for the few who both recognise Linn’s history and think that a turntable designed by Sir Jony Ive himself should cost more than a high-end family car.

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