Linn pushes the boundaries with a mono giant

Linn Klimax Solo 800 er en kæmpe. Og du skal bruge to af dem og en god bid af din pensionsopsparing.

By / 11 February 2024 - 8:00 am
Linn pushes the boundaries with a mono giant

Scottish hi-fi manufacturer Linn is not afraid of high prices. But with the new Klimax Solo 800 amplifier, they’ve outdone themselves. We’re talking 800 hefty watts, and if you want sound from two speakers, you’ll need two amplifiers. It’s only available in mono. The price is £75,000 for a pair, so if you’re a Bentley owner with a penchant for sound pressure that wakes the living and the dead, look no further.

Lovely heatsinks. (Photo: Linn)

Technical innovations

The amplifier offers a number of technical refinements under the hood. These include dynamic bias control, which maintains the correct current at all times and virtually eliminates distortion. Linn has also worked hard to remove unwanted noise in the power supply, resulting in a record low distortion level that is unrivalled. This according to the Linn boss himself. A bold claim, but then again, we have to remind you of the price…

Based on the technology, the Klimax Solo 800 is certainly designed to power even the most demanding and power-hungry speakers out there. Whether you have some big KEF towers or tricky electrostatic panel speakers.

One of several expensive sets

For the record, this isn’t the only really expensive amplifier kit we’ve written about recently. It’s not even the most expensive. The Goldmund Telos 2800 is probably in a league of its own. And let’s not forget the massive McIntosh MC2.1KW amplifier tower.

Klimax-Solo-800_Black_Web-View Klimax-Solo-800_Silver_Web-View-topaz
(Photo: Linn)

Powerful design

The design speaks for itself. It’s solid craftsmanship and Linn has moved away from its clinical exterior to something more visual. The large light in the centre is reminiscent of something Iron Man would wear on his chest, and it certainly stands out – both from a distance and up close.

(Foto: Linn)

A distant dream

For a select few customers around the world, the Linn Klimax Solo 800 is likely to catch the eye. A demonstration of musical brutality packed with the very best of what Linn has to offer.

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2000 watts in three cabinets.

For the rest of us, they remain a distant dream – or perhaps something you might be lucky enough to see at trade fairs. But you have to give Linn credit for daring to keep pushing the boundaries. Both their own and others’.

(Foto: Linn)

Linn Klimax Solo 800: Price and availability

The Klimax Solo 800 is on sale now. Let’s go over the price one more time: £75,000. If you want 5.1 surround sound, just multiply by five (plus a suwoofer). If you need Dolby Atmos, the sky’s the limit!

More info:

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