High End 2022: New hi-fi amplifiers from Denon

Integrated amplifier with HEOS and a CD player unveiled at the opening of the Munich high end trade fair.

Published 2022-05-19 - 10:00 am

The High End 2022 fair in Munich is now in full swing. And while we’re sure to see many exotic and expensive products in the coming days, there are also things that are actually affordable to buy.

Denon, for example, is putting out two integrated amplifiers and a CD player.

Also check out Marantz adds a new CD player

The Marantz CD 60 is a brand new modern CD player with premium components at a reasonable price.

Marantz CD60 Model40 In stu Silver 010

The Denon PMA-900HNE is an integrated amplifier in a classic hi-fi design. Although we are at the affordable end, there is a full set of both analogue and digital inputs. Including turntable input. Most notably, HEOS, familiar from AV receivers and multi-room speakers, is built into the amp, so you can use your music streaming services directly.

50 Denon PMA 900NE black 01 StudioL
Denon PMA-900NE

In the same series comes the CD player(!) DCD-900NE, which in addition to the shiny silver discs we remember from our youth, can also play music files from external media via a USB port.

37 Denon DCD 900NE Silver 01 StudioL
Denon DCD-900NE

The Denon PMA-1700NE looks like a successor to the excellent PMA-1600NE. Here, the MOS-FET push-pull output with high current capacity is featured. The digital input supports high-resolution audio signals up to 11.2 MHz DSD and 384 kHz/32-bit PCM.

42 PMA 1700NE bk left
Denon PMA-1700NE

Price and availability

The DCD-900NE and PMA-1700NE will both be available in June for €499 and €999 respectively. The PMA-1700NE will arrive in July at a price of €1999.


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Pete Apostolides

can 1600 owners get firmware upgrade to include Heos?

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