Exhibition photos – Soundsociety 2024

If you didn't make it to the Danish capital last weekend, you missed the annual Soundsociety exhibition, where more than 30 demo rooms were packed throughout the weekend.

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Exhibition photos – Soundsociety 2024

Last weekend’s Soundsociety hi-fi fair was the sixth in a row. But it was the first time it was held in Copenhagen. This year, organiser Bülow:Steensen had chosen to move the fair from their hometown Aarhus to the capital.

During Saturday and Sunday, 1,500 visitors travelled to Hotel Scandic Sluseholmen to see hi-fi at the heavy end of the spectrum.

Although this is slightly fewer than the 2,000 visitors that attended last year’s fair in Aarhus, Maria Kavitha Frish Ramussen from Bülow:Steensen is satisfied. And she says that the exhibitors were also very satisfied.

Even though visitor numbers didn’t break records, most of the demo rooms were packed throughout the weekend. And in the most popular ones, visitors had to wait in line to get a seat for the next demo.

And then the exhibition was open! (Photo: John Alex Hvidlykke)

Heavy-weight Hi-fi

1. Audiovector - MLAS 6. PS Audio 2. Audio Group Denmark 3. DALI 6. Hi End Studio NO 6b Hi End Studio NO 4. Lyngdrof 4B Lyngdorf
Expensive but great stuff. Audiovector R6 Arreté, Mark Levinson and Kalista. The CD player was the most expensive component. It cost around €75,000! (Photo: John Alex Hvidlykke)
13. Gato Audio 9. Lydbutikken 8. Inventum 7. Audio Aktøren 15. Canvas 14. Headfreaks 12 Emotiva 12B Emotiva 11. Ren Vinyl
It's hard to get good sound in small meeting rooms. Gato Audio had solved the problem by playing diagonally. It worked surprisingly well. (Photo: John Alex Hvidlykke)

Three ballrooms with hi-fi

The hotel was designed somewhat differently from the Hotel Royal in Aarhus, which usually hosts conferences. As a conference hotel, Scandic Slusesholmen had several meeting rooms and three huge ballrooms on the ground floor that allowed for large exhibitions. However, the close proximity of the rooms meant that when the power of the heaviest systems kicked in, you could hear it from several rooms away.

15. TopSound Dynaudio SAS_Septon2 15. Canvas SAS_Septon1 16 Custom Audio2 16 Custom Audio1
I stedet for at prøve på at spille den store balsal op med ét kæmpeanlæg, havde SAS Audio og Septon opstillet flere separate systemer. Her med Rotel Michi-elektronik og de vilde Elac Concentro M-højttalere. (Foto: John Alex Hvidlykke)

The more intimate exhibitions

Some of the ordinary hotel rooms on the other four floors were also in use. The acoustics were not as lively as in the large halls, but space was tight in many places.

457 KT Radio 254 Arcam-audiovector 252 PS Audio 555 Medlyd 1 555 Medlyd 2 552 Audio Note
Audio Note UK had been given a tiny space. But fortunately, the system was compact. The integrated Cobra amplifier delivers 25 W in class A. (Photo: John Alex Hvidlykke)
452. JBL 254 Arcam-audiovector 352 Saxx-totem 454 JBL Classic
It doesn't get any more classic than this: The JBL L-100 Classic and associated electronics in a vintage design with roots in the 60's and 70's. (Photo: John Alex Hvidlykke)
The two gentlemen had travelled across the country and stayed at the hotel on Friday. It’s a bit of a long trip, but then you get a weekend out of it. (Photo: John Alex Hvidlykke)


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