Electrocompaniet AW 300 M power amplifier

And it will deliver one kilowatt into 2 ohms!

By / 24 October 2023 - 8:00 am
Electrocompaniet AW 300 M power amplifier

Here is the new Electrocompaniet AW 300 M, a relatively compact mono power amplifier in the same league as the massive AW 800 M, albeit with lower power.

Though one can hardly call the power output low. Or claim that the amp is really compact for that matter. The AW 300 M delivers 300 watts at 8 ohms, doubles to 600 watts at 4 ohms, and at 2 ohms, it cranks out a whopping 1 kilowatt! The amplifier is a true powerhouse, and with a damping factor of >1,000 at 8 ohms, it appears to be extremely stable regardless of the speaker load.

Photo: Electrocompaniet

The amplifier also boasts a rather extensive bandwidth, specified as respectively 0.5 – 1.1 MHz and 0.5 – 220,000 Hz with the input filter either turned off or on.

A substantial power supply with a capacitor capacity of 110,000 uF and an 800 VA transformer occupies a significant portion of the 21 cm narrow chassis. It rests on four SuperSpikes from Soundcare.

Photo: Electrocompaniet

The amplifier is balanced and has both XLR input and output. The latter serves as a loop for other components. It also features dual cable terminals and a ground terminal.

In contrast to the AW 800 M, the AW 300 M cannot switch between stereo and mono; it is a pure mono amplifier.

The AW 300 M falls between the AW 180 M and AW 800 M in Electrocompaniet’s Classic series.

The price is set at €13,500 per unit, and you’ll need two for stereo.

Photo: Electrocompaniet
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