Creative Live Audio A3: Record music and create podcasts like a pro

Creative Live Audio A3 is a USB audio interface with professional features at a ridiculously low price.

By / 10 November 2023 - 8:00 am
Creative Live Audio A3: Record music and create podcasts like a pro

The Creative Live Audio A3 is designed to fulfil the needs of creative beginners, whether it’s recording music or podcasts or live streaming your gaming content.

Creative Live Audio A3 - streaming games
Photo: Creative

Four channels and 24-bit USB DAC

Just like a DAC with USB-C connector, the sound card will also be a natural link between your PC and your sound system. Trust us, listening to music with a good pair of active monitors, or a stereo system with amplifier and decent passive speakers is quite different than sitting there with off-brand PC speakers and expecting a good music experience.

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The sound card has a built-in four-channel mixer and 24-bit/96 kHz recording and playback quality. The sound passes through without audible delay, which is important when dealing with live content. The interface includes a four-channel audio mixer.

Creative_Live_Audio_A3 4
Everything you need for high-quality sound, including balanced XLR connectors. Photo: Creative

Pass it on to your mobile phone

There’s also a 3.5 mm jack that serves as both input and output and can, for example, send the livestream to a mobile phone for recording, so you can easily get a great audio recording directly into your mobile phone, making it easier to share the content with others – or via social media.

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Two headphones

Two headphone outputs with individual volume control offer great flexibility, for example, if both a musician recording an instrument and a producer want to hear exactly what’s going on at the same time. Or if you want to quickly switch between two different headphones. For example, closed for recording and open for mixing.

All inputs and outputs have an individually adjustable sound level, which makes it easier to create a good sound balance on the fly, and thus less fuss about whether to continue mixing after recording.

Creative_Live_Audio_A3 5
Two headphone outputs. Photo: Creative

Price and availability

The Creative Live Audio A3 is available now in Creative’s online store for around 170 euros. This includes shipping and VAT.

More info:

Creative_Live_Audio_A3 Creative_Live_Audio_A3 3 Creative Live Audio A3 - podcast Creative Live Audio A3 - music
Photo: Creative

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