Brian Eno takes you into his colourful imagination with Turntable II

Brian Eno's colourful Turntable II turntable isn't just exciting. It costs a fortune and there are only 150 of them in existence.

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Brian Eno takes you into his colourful imagination with Turntable II

Renowned musician and artist Brian Eno has launched a new, hypnotic creation: the Turntable II. A tool for playing vinyl records, sure. But more than that, it’s a work of art in its own right. A colourful light show designed to capture the eye and seduce the senses.

In 2021, Eno launched his first Turntable. It sold out immediately. No one imagines it will be any different with Turntable II. Adorned with frosted acrylic and LED lights, both the plate and base are bathed in a soft, diffused light that changes colour slowly and randomly. The colour palette is inspired by Eno’s own paintings and aims to create a magical atmosphere that is both calming and exciting.

Interestingly, the light changes are programmed to never repeat. This means you will never see the same colour combination twice, which helps to make the Turntable II unique and unpredictable.

paulstolper-brian-eno-turntable-ii-2024 (2)-topaz
Brian Eno Turntable II (Photo: Brian Eno/Paul Stolper)

Technical info

On the technical side, the Turntable II has a 30 cm diameter, a precision cast acrylic top, a white Pro-Ject 8.6″ aluminium arm and an Ortofon 2M White pickup. It’s belt-driven with a 15V motor and supports both 33 and 45 rpm speeds.

However, you’re unlikely to buy a Turntable II for its sonic qualities, as it will face competition from other players at a tenth of the price. But for millionaires looking for something unique for their collection, why not.

Aldrig den samme farvekombination to gange. (Foto: Brian Eno/Paul Stolper)

Turntable II: Price and availability

As with the original Turntable, the Turntable II will be produced in limited numbers. Only 150 units will be produced worldwide and are guaranteed to sell out quickly from Paul Stolper’s gallery. The price starts at £20,000 and that’s without VAT! But for art collectors who are fans of Eno, a purchase might be seen more as an investment in a unique and valuable piece of art.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a turntable with the best possible sound for the money, do yourself a favour and look towards the Rega Planar 3, Technics SL-100C or Pro-ject Debut Pro.

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