Beosystem 72-23 combines classic and new

A refurbished Beogram 4000c turntable and two Beolab 28 loudspeakers are at the centre of the system.

By / 21 May 2023 - 8:00 am
Beosystem 72-23 combines classic and new

Bang & Olufsen products can rightly be described as timeless. And the newly launched Beosystem 72-23 Nordic Dawn Limited Edition takes this idea to the extreme.

The system unites 51 years of product history by combining a refurbished Beogram 4000c turntable from the early 1970s with the new Beolab 28 speakers and digital streaming.

With a built-in Beosound Core, the wireless connection between speaker and turntable is in good order, and the system is controlled via a Beoremote Halo. The system is mounted in a custom-built birch cabinet that also serves as storage for vinyl discs and wireless charging of the Beoremote Halo.

Bang & Olufsen writes in the press release that “Beosystem 72-23 is inspired by the light of a Scandinavian sunrise. The warm Honey, Ginger and Amber tone of the aluminium finish matches the Nordic birch wood panels of the iconic turntable. The speakers are also finished in warm tones with birch wood fronts and Kvadrat textiles.

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Bang & Olufsen Beosystem 72-22 comes in limited quantities only.

Another way to describe the style would be steampunk. Something that appeals to yours truly. But then there is the price tag…

When Bang & Olufsen launched the Beosystem 72-22 a year ago, we were a little annoyed that it was only available in North America. And editor-in-chief Lasse Svendsen called for something similar for the home market – and preferably a little cheaper than $45,000!

The prayer has been partly answered, because the Beosystem 72-23 Nordic Dawn Limited Edition is available in Europe. But it’s still no cheaper than last year’s system. On the contrary. The 100 numbered sets of the system go for €60,000 each!

Beosystem-72-23-Nordic-Dawn-0002-989x556 Beosystem-72-23-Nordic-Dawn-0003-1920x1080 Beosystem-72-23-Nordic-Dawn-0004-989x556 Beosystem-72-23-Nordic-Dawn-0005-989x556 Beosystem-72-23-Nordic-Dawn-0006-989x556 Beosystem-72-23-Nordic-Dawn-0009-989x556
Only 100 sets of Beosystem 72-23 Nordic Dawn are built. (Photo: Bang & Olufsen)

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