Auralic Vega S1 and Aries A1 streamers

Vega S1 and Aries A1 launched.

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Auralic Vega S1 and Aries A1 streamers

You know what you get in an Auralic streamer. Class-leading sound quality and advanced technology under the lid. At a price. The latter is now changing for the better with the new Auralic Vega S1 and Aries A1, two new streamers in a much more manageable price range than we’re used to.

They are both built on the same platform called Tesla G3, and the same technology is on board as in Auralic’s more expensive streamers: Galvanic isolation, two 60fs Femto clocks, Direct Memory Access (DMA), Direct Data Recording (DDR), Fusion DAC and so on. They also have Ethernet, AirPlay 2, TIDAL Connect, Spotify Connect, Internet Radio, and they will be Roon Ready.

Vega S1 back (Photo: Auralic)

The difference between Vega S1 and Aries A1 is visible from the back. While the Vega S1 is a dedicated stream processor with digital connections only, the Aries A1 also has analogue outputs for connecting to an amplifier.

The digital inputs can be used for a connected USB stick with music, and with optical and coaxial inputs you can connect a CD player or other digital audio source.

Auralic PSU S1. (Photo: Auralic)

Both can be upgraded with an external power supply, as shown in the picture above, which should further improve the sound quality.

Aries S1. (Photo: Auralic)

The larger Altair G2.2 also gets an update with Auralics Direct Data Recording (DDR), Fusion DAC, galvanic isolation and an HDMI eARC input for TV audio.

The Auralics operating system will be updated to Lightning OS V10 and will also come as a wireless update for existing devices.

Prices for Aries S1 and Vega S1 are not available in all countries, but the starting point of €1,999 for Aries S1 or Vega S1 and €999 for the power supply indicates that prices will be much lower in the Nordic market than Altair.

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Auralic's new Altair G1.1 wins a narrow victory because it combines outstanding sound quality with an excellent DAC and good ease of use.


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