Audio-Technica AT-MC2022

Audio-Technica celebrates their anniversary with a new high-end pickup.

By / 2 May 2023 - 8:00 am
Audio-Technica AT-MC2022

Audio-Technica is celebrating 60 years, without pomp or fanfare. Instead, they are launching anniversary products, such as the AT-LP2022 turntable, and this one: the AT-MC2022.

Which is a high-end moving coil pickup, or more correctly; dual moving coil pickup.

Because the AT-MC2022 is built a little differently than usual for MC pickups.

Photo: Audio-Technica

Those familiar with the inside of a cartridge will recognise that this one is not quite like most others. The needle arm is made from a piece of artificial diamond, and two coils – one for each channel – are positioned at 45 degrees above the suspension to minimise the weight of the moving element. The magnet is located at the back, and the same basic principle is also found in the much more affordable ART20.

Photo: Audio-Technica

The thin needle arm is just 0.22 mm, shaped like a square tube, and at the other end is a 56 x 3 µm line contact diamond.

Everything is constructed from a combination of titanium and a soft rubber-like polymer material that dampens resonances.

The pickup has threaded screw holes, and fits nicely in light to medium heavy tonearms.

Photo: Audio-Technica

The specifications are virtually identical to the ART20. The pickup weighs 9.6 grams and delivers 0.55 mV. It should be able to be loaded with up to 100 Ohm, the internal resistance is 12 Ohm, and it thrives best at 1.8 grams pin pressure.

Compliance is 25 x 10e-6cm/pad static and 15x10e-6cm/pad dynamic.

The MC2022 comes in a walnut wood box with four lengths of screws and a laser engraved anniversary logo. Everything is wrapped in thin Japanese Echizen Washi paper.

The price is listed at 10,000 euros.

Photo: Audio-Technica

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