Argon Audio TT-4 Special Edition turntable

The manufacturer listened to our suggestions and has now made a special edition with better damping and more advanced pickup.

By / 8 October 2023 - 8:00 am
Argon Audio TT-4 Special Edition turntable

In our test of the Argon Audio TT-4, we concluded that there was so little to criticise that we gave it the full six stars. But we also said that the tonearm could be equipped with an even better pickup than the Ortofon 2M Red that the TT-4 was equipped with.

Argon Audio seem to have taken this to heart, because they have now made a special edition of the turntable, simply called the TT-4 Special Edition.

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Although Argon is not known for turntables, they can easily be included.

It’s got a better pickup, the Ortofon 2M Bronze, which comes pre-assembled in the pickup shell, ready to mount on the carbon fibre arm.

Photo: Argon Audio

Like the standard version, the arm has Argon Audio’s ATS (Anisotropic Torsion Stabiliser), which, according to Argon Audio, dampens resonances in the arm tube, especially in the 450-500 Hz range.

In addition, the arm has better cabling all the way to the RCA outputs on the back, where you’ll also find the switch that turns the built-in phono stage on and off.

Built-in phono stage. Photo: Argon Audio

The special edition TT-4 also has a new rubber mat and the platter has been damped on the underside to further reduce resonance.

The turntable is painted in five layers of black high-gloss lacquer.

Photo: Argon Audio

The belt-driven turntable is on its way to stores at a price of €999, which is €350 more than the standard version of the TT-4.

Photo: Argon Audio

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