Aavik SD-880 DAC

Combines streaming and DAC.

By / 17 December 2023 - 8:00 am
Aavik SD-880 DAC

The term high-end takes on a different meaning when talking about products like the Aavik SD-880. It’s in a class where the selection is not large, but all the more exclusive.

It has only one task: to function as a network streamer, and with the built-in digital converter, you can connect digital audio sources.

Like everything else from (ex-Gryphon) Flemming Erik Rasmussen’s pen, the design is spectacular. The same can be said for the price, which stands at an almost unbelievable 67,000 euros.

(Photo: Aavik)

For that money, you get a streaming DAC that, according to Aavik, has no digital signature. The SD-880 uses Aavik’s non-switching Continuum Processing DAC, as they call it. It samples the signal to 22 MHz and then converts it to an analogue signal.

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The designer himself, Michael Børresen, says they realised that the usual switching process that a digital converter uses when converting the signal creates an audible digital signature, which they have eliminated in the SD-880.

The Streamer DAC is available at select retailers.

(Photo: Aavik)


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