50th anniversary for the Rega Planar 3

The Planar 3 50th Anniversary Edition comes complete with pickup and power supply.

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50th anniversary for the Rega Planar 3

The simple Planar 3 is perhaps the best turntable in its class. It has long since become an icon among turntables of all classes, and the new anniversary version spares no expense.

The turntable also appears to be a great bargain for those who are considering a new turntable.

The Planar 3 50th Anniversary Edition comes with an external Neo MK2 power supply, a Rega Exact MM pickup pre-assembled and the same reference frame that comes with the more expensive Planar 6 and 8.

The plinth is walnut veneered and embellished with a 50th Anniversary logo. A similar logo is found on the dust cover.

The turntable is powered by a 24-volt synchronous motor with belt-driven platter in the same material as on the Planar 6.

The power supply is hand-tuned to the motor to eliminate vibration.

The turntable comes complete for €1,197, which is actually cheaper than buying a regular Planar 3 and upgrading it with a new belt and external power supply.

It’s also quite rare to see a Rega turntable in anything other than black or white, and the anniversary model actually looks more exclusive in walnut than it does in the standard black colour.

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