Review: Feiyu G6 Plus

Stable control of the camera

If you need to stabilize the camera before shooting, Feiyu G6 Plus is a necessary accessory.

Published 2020-01-26 - 9:00 am
Feiyu G6 Plus
Lasse Svendsen

You do not need to be a professional photographer to use accessories like this. A gimbal is a stabilizer for cameras, large and small, and has either mechanical stabilization where gravity helps, or electronic stabilization.

Like Feiyutech’s new Feiyu G6 Plus. A motorized gimbal for everything from mobiles to system cameras. Please note if they weigh a maximum of 800 grams. This means that you can forget a SLR with a 70-200mm on, but a compact system camera such as the Sony a6400, or Fujifilm’s outstanding X-T30, fits perfectly.
The same goes for mobile phones, as mentioned, and it actually comes with a holder with spring-loaded clamps for the gimbal.

Which in itself weighs close to 700 grams with the battery on board, which can last for up to 12 hours. Slightly depending on how much the brushless motors have to work to keep the camera level.
Although level, you can even change the angle and pan the camera on the gimbal, also from the app that remotely controls the stabilizer and some of the functions on the camera.

The cameras – and the mobile, connect via Bluetooth or Wifi, and then you can control the basics from the handle of the gimbal. Or the Feiyu ON app.

As always with Feyiutech, the quality is more than acceptable. Buttons and the steering wheel have a satisfactory response and the quiet electric motors ensure soft stabilization of the camera when needed.

Ease of use

At the bottom, the Feiyu G6 Plus has a rack thread for rack placement. The handle is rubberized and the most common buttons, such as the capture button and shutter release, are located in a row with the function button, which also functions as an on / off button. Above it is a joystick – which is used to move the camera on the gimbal. By the way, you can do that from the app as well.

A tiny OLED screen shows selected settings, and to the left of the handle is a rotating and pressure-sensitive setting wheel, which can be used, for example, to control focus or zoom if the camera has electronic zoom. The wheel can also be used to steer the stabilizer.

There are several buttons. At the back there are two. That is, one is a slider for tilting the camera, while the other is a programmable function button. There is also a button to activate settings on the side of the handle. Which is also splashproof.

The handle has extra threads on the side, for mounting additional equipment, such as an extra screen.

In use

The setup of the gimbal is simple enough. The camera is easily attached to a detachable tripod plate with three tracks, so that you can find one that fits the camera’s location of the tripod threads. I tried with different cameras, and found that not everyone fit on the g-ball L-plate. Cameras with large handles can be difficult, if not impossible, to fit, but small system cameras such as a6400 and compact cameras are no problem to place correctly.

If you need a gimbal for larger cameras, you can look at the AK series for Feiyutech.

Before switching on the gimbal, you must manually adjust the position of the gimbal motors. This is done by loosening the two tightening screws, so that you can slide the fasteners in the correct position. When you then turn on the power, and open the app, you can calibrate the gimbal so that the camera is level.

Then you are ready for recording.

You can program rotation during time lapse, and control it with an app.

The three electric motors work excellently on stabilizing the camera during shooting. Since not all cameras have the same built-in stabilization, the Feyiutech G6 Plus is a useful accessory. As long as you do not make any abrupt movements, it works flawlessly. It does not stabilize vertical movements as well as e.g. the stabilizer in an Olympus OMD EM1 Mark II does in two teams with a 12-100mm zoom with a built-in stabilizer, but when you pan, for example, you always get a straight horizon.

In the app you can set the response to the electric motors and the joystick, which is also in the app, and you can choose one of three presets for how the stabilization should behave. It is also possible to set sliding rotation or tilt, which is very practical when taking time lapse, or interval shots over a given time. Which can be anything from 12 seconds, to eight hours.


Feyiutech’s gimbal is best when the camera is small and light. Most SLR cameras will simply not fit. A compact system camera, most compact cameras and mobiles, on the other hand, fit without problems on the G6 Plus. It is particularly suitable for cameras that either do not have or do not have a well-functioning image stabilizer built-in, and although it may be the largest made for an action camera, it is guaranteed to provide video recording with much smoother movements. The G6 Plus is also solidly built, and the long battery life makes it perfect on the alpine slopes or on mountain hikes.

Feiyu G6 Plus

We think

Silky smooth and strong stabilization, splash-proof and solidly built. Good battery life. Fits only on small cameras, up to 800 grams.

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