Review: 5 wireless premium earbuds, December 2021

When music is most important

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? Here are five sets of earbuds that lower the stress level and lift the mood.

Published 2021-12-28 - 7:00 am

If you only want one pair of earbuds, they should be wireless. Completely wireless, or so-called true wireless. The best have become so good and have such a long battery life that there is no longer anything to worry about. Eight to ten hours in the earbuds themselves is no longer uncommon, and with a few extra charges from the case, you have everything you need.

Noise reduction and ambient sound

Many earbuds effectively shut out noise. Sometimes a little too effective, and then it’s good to have the option of letting sound in from the surroundings. This is most often called somthing like ambient sound. This means that microphones pick up sound from the outside and send it into your ears, so that it almost sounds as if you have nothing in your ears at all.

Even if a lot of noise is shut out mechanically, low-frequency noise is not as efficiently attenuated. Therefore, it is nice if the earplugs also have active noise reduction (ANC), which phases out the bass frequencies too.

All but one of the participants in this test – Belkin SoundForm Freedom – have both noise reduction and ambient sound.

Other features

Some earbuds have features that set them apart from others. For example. that you can use the app to find them if you do not remember where you put them. Some have so-called Sidetone, where you can better hear your own voice during mobile calls and video conferencing.

Many hearing aids have their own app with an equalizer (EQ), where you can adjust the sound yourself. It can be helpful if one’s own preferences are not completely satisfied as they are from the factory. Again, only Belkin has chosen for forego the app.

True wireless earbuds in the premium class

Here we test the five new pairs of earbuds in the lower premium class below GBP 200, which we have received on the test bench. If you are missing someone, it is very possible that we have already tested them. Check out our test archive for other products.

Products in this test

Technics EAH-AZ60

Fabulous Technics

Technics demonstrates tremendous confidence with the EAH-AZ60.

Really good sound and noise reduction. Also supports the excellent LDAC codec for even better sound.
The sound should be adjusted in the app.

Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless

Almost perfect from Sennheiser

Sennheiser has taken a pair of good earbuds and made them better with noise reduction.

Excellent sound quality and excellent noise reduction. Sidetone allows you to hear yourself during conversations.
Not the closest fit.

LG Tone Free FP8W

LG surprises positively

With the Tone Free FP8W, LG proves that they should be taken seriously when it comes to sound.

Good and user-friendly app, okay noise reduction and the possibility of acheiving really good sound on music.
The noise reduction has digital artifacts in the noise floor. The fit is not as tight as with certain others. Mediocre call quality.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro

Advanced and good

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro are great with many neat features in an advanced app.

Advanced, yet simple setup in the app. Here you get both a hearing test and the option to set the optimal noise reduction. The sound is also good.
We would like some more airyness at the top.

Belkin SoundForm Freedom

You should expect more

Belkin SoundForm Freedom is kind of okay, but costs too much.

Long battery life, stable connection and okay voice quality. iPhone users can find missing earbuds with the Find app.
The sound is mediocre, and without noise reduction or app, there is not much to justify the price.


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