Review: Belkin SoundForm Freedom

You should expect more

Belkin SoundForm Freedom is kind of okay, but costs too much.

Published 23 December 2021 - 8:00 am
Belkin SoundForm Freedom
Geir Nordby

The small case for Belkin SoundForm Freedom does not take up much space in the pocket, and in this journalist’s ears, the silicone tips fit nicely right out of the box. In addition to tips in size M, which are mounted on the earbuds, sizes S and L are included.

There is no app for SoundForm Freedom and thus no ability to make EQ settings. Neither do the Belkin earbuds offer active noise reduction or ambient sound sound. In return, they have a long battery life of eight hours from the earbuds themselves and an additional 28 hours from the case.

Belkin has taken inspiration from Apple with the microphones placed at the end of each stick sticking out of the ears, to get the microphone a little closer to the mouth.

(Photo: Belkin)

The sound of Belkin SoundForm Freedom

The sound quality of music is not particularly impressive, although the earbuds boast both aptX and AAC audio codecs. The bass is full enough, and it all works, but the sound is too sharp in the lower treble, which makes both female vocals and light string instruments sound too insistent for my liking.

The midrange is also generally a little too restrained. The earplugs work well for pop music, but less well for acoustic music. I would have liked Belkin to have an app with EQ where you could fine-tune the sound.

The speech quality, on the other hand, is quite good, and the other party hears one well through SoundForm Freedom, even though it whizzes a bit from the noise floor here.

SoundForm Freedom has a trick up its sleeve, as iPhone users can find lost earbuds via the Find app, but you are definitely allowed to expect more at this price. Then little brother Belkin SoundForm True Wireless for half the price is a much better buy.

Belkin SoundForm Freedom

We think

Long battery life, stable connection and okay voice quality. iPhone users can find missing earbuds with the Find app. The sound is mediocre, and without noise reduction or app, there is not much to justify the price.

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