Review: Logitech Rally Bar

Takes digital meetings to a new level

We found the perfect tool for video conferencing in the Logitech Rally Bar! But we had hoped it would have been cheaper…

Published 2 August 2021 - 6:00 am
Logitech Rally Bar
Geir Nordby

Corona sent most us home to work remotely. And afterwards the way we work will be changed forever. So in the future there is a high probability that you will conduct digital meetings with a laptop, with a built-in webcam in the screen. It’s not perfect, but it works. If you are going to upgrade, you can advantageously buy a proper headset, so that you and other meeting participants hear each other better. Then you are at the finish line.

Logitech Rally Bar
Logitech Rally Bar

But even after corona, the general manager has probably noticed that the employees are just as productive from the home office as in the workplace, and many companies will facilitate extended flexibility with a home office even after the corona. Then meeting equipment is needed that works. In other words, a meeting room where many can participate physically, while at the same time being able to communicate effectively with remote participants on screen.

home office
The time with home office is guaranteed not over, even after the corona. Photo: iStock

Easy connection is required

The last number I saw for video meetings was that it takes about 8 minutes to get started properly with the meeting, due to technical challenges with connection, control of microphone, screen and speaker. When you then see that the average length of video meetings is 31-60 minutes, a large part of the meeting goes to technical challenges at start-up. And at work, time is literally money!

Rally Bar: Advanced soundbar

This is where the Logitech Rally Bar comes in. Basically a very advanced soundbar with a camera in the centre, and built-in microphones. It is a complete solution for video conferencing, capturing the entire room with a 4K camera that automatically pans and zooms in and out, depending on how many people are physically participating in the meeting room – and where they are sitting. And with a built-in microphone system that captures the voices in the room and carries them as clearly as possible to those who participate digitally.

Logitech Rally Bar with remote
Rally Bar can be used all alone, together with remote control. But we would probably rather connect to a PC on one of the USB inputs. Photo: Logitech

Complete PC-free solution

The Rally Bar can be connected to a PC or Mac with a USB cable (both USB A and USB C work), and the meeting chair can open their preferred meeting program – be it Zoom, Teams or something else. But the magic really starts when you pair the Rally Bar with the external touch controller Tap. This is optional and costs about GBP 1000 in addition. Yes, it’s a lot of money, but here we are in the high-end territory, and if you are first investing in the best for the office, you can just as easily speculate with the little extra that lifts the experience even further. And that can save you even more time, than when connecting to a PC.

Logitech Tap L&B Logitech Tap
The Logitech Tap touch controller increases the total price, but is worth it if you want the most foolproof safe meeting start. Photo: Logitech

Tap has a 10.1-inch touch screen that can be placed on a table or mounted on a wall, and with this you do not need a PC. This is where Logitech’s built-in interface for meetings is located, and with Rally Bar connected to the internet, you can use your smartphone to directly link the product to your account on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. This is done once, then the product is forever connected. In this test we have used Zoom Rooms.

Tap shows a list of all your contacts, and here you can easily start meeting and invite people from the list.

All cables between Tap and Rally Bar are held and hidden elegantly on the back under a lid. This is how you prevent a cable from being accidentally pulled out, so that the next person to connect does not understand the carrier.

Logitech Rally Bar L&B meeting
We had a very good meeting experience with Rally Bar. The moire pattern you see comes from the mobile camera that took the picture. Photo: Geir Gråbein Nordby

Two screens

Rally Bar can be connected to two 4K screens, to get the best possible overview of digital participants. I would actually recommend two screens, if you plan to view presentations and statistics visually during the meeting. If you have a Zoom Rooms account, you can open a spreadsheet or Powerpoint presentation on your PC and project wirelessly. Rally Bar has a built-in proximity sensor, which will detect when a nearby PC opens certain programs such as Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint (yes, you have to confirm that the content is to be projected). If the proximity sensor does not work, meeting participants can activate direct sharing by entering a code.

I never got accustomed to the proximity sensor in the short period we had Rally Bar, but it also has an HDMI input that is completely perfect for sharing content from a PC.

Logitech Rally Bar lens L&B Logitech Rally Bar Exploded
The lens in the Rally Bar pans and zooms optically until it has the correct section. Photo: Geir Gråbein Nordby

Excellent camera

We have tried Rally Bar in our own office, but due to infection control we have limited the number of participants in the meeting room to two. We also called two colleagues for a video meeting. The camera zoomed in and panned to a perfect view of us, so that those who participated digitally got an optimal view of the meeting room.

If I got up and went to the blackboard to write, the camera would follow me and zoom in. Everyone can thus see what I write on the board. It takes a few seconds for the camera to respond, this is because the camera should not react spontaneously to the slightest movement and make the other participants dizzy. The camera has 4K resolution when fully zoomed out, and keeps the resolution up to 5X optical zoom. A denser section than this results in digital cropping of the image and reduced resolution.

Logitech Rally Bar Graabein møterom
Gråbein cannot escape the vigillant eye of the camera…

It should be mentioned that today the resolution on Zoom is limited to 720p anyway, so in practice this means that you can use the entire zoom range on the camera – including the digital – without compromising the image quality. Zoom has probably thought that it makes sense to limit the bandwidth now that “everyone” uses their platform, and that even those with a 4K screen will not use the entire screen area for the video meeting. Should they do so, much of the screen will go to show more thumbnails of other participants – rather than a giant picture of your meeting room.


Logitech Rallyl Mic Pod
The Logitech Rally Bar can be expanded with more microphones placed on the table. Photo: Logitech

Great sound quality

Our meeting room measures about 6 x 4 meters, and with a screen and Rally Bar at one card wall, I could stand away at the opposite card wall, and the other participants could easily hear everything I said. Even when there were two of us in the room chatting, the voices clearly came out on both of them. Logitech promises that even with many meeting participants, all voices will sound good, due to the microphones’ advanced beamforming.

In any case, the solution we usually use, the Logitech Group, is nowhere near this speech quality. And that is even though we have expanded with two extra expansion microphones lying on the table in front of us.

The microphones in the Rally Bar are really impressive, especially considering that we have not made any acoustic treatment in the meeting room (something we probably should have done!). Admittedly, there is more echo when you are far from the bar, but digital participants still always hear what is being said. If you have a larger room, the Rally Bar can also be expanded with additional microphones.

Logitech Rally Family
If you think Rally Bar is getting too expensive, there is Rally Bar Mini (left) for smaller meeting rooms. At the other end we have Rally Plus (right), for larger meeting rooms. Photo: Logitech


Video conferencing is never sexy, and technology is best noticed when it does not work. In that sense, the expensive Logitech Rally Bar is perhaps one of the most elusive things there is – because it works, so to speak, perfectly! It costs a lot of money, much more than we had guessed, but for a medium-sized company, it can quickly make up for it with more efficient meetings.

The camera works brilliantly, it zooms and pans up to very good sections, and the meeting room comes through crystal clear to the other party. The built-in microphones also do a great job of being heard, and for larger meeting rooms it is possible to expand with additional microphones if the meeting room is large.

Rally Bar can work all alone, with included microphone. But it will be a better experience to connect to a PC. But the very best – and from us recommended – solution is to use the Touch controller Tap. Then you get a foolproof meeting experience, and you are up and running immediately! It can be precious minutes saved – and thus salary expenses that could have gone to completely different things.

Rally Bar also has a lot of advanced features that we did not get to check out during the test period. If you are in the target group, you probably do best in ordering a demo.

Logitech Rally Bar
High End

Seamless video conferencing. Excellent camera, the sound as well. It is not cheap to become the king of the office.

Excellent all-round iMac

Affordable and super light without compromise

The best Mac for most people

The hot dream of the caffé latte segment

Lightning fast and tough

Punches under its weight

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