Wiim Pro Plus streamer

New version of the favourite budget streamer.

written by / 2023-08-15 - 2:00 pm
Wiim Pro Plus streamer

The tiny Wiim Pro is the best budget streamer by a wide margin. With high-resolution streaming and bit-perfect, it’s a no brainer for the price.

But now it comes in a version that Linkplay Technology calls Audiophile-Grade. The big difference is a better digital converter than the one used in Wiim Pro. The Plus edition is equipped with an AKM 4493SEQ DAC, which is said to have a lower noise floor and even less distortion: 120 dB (A-wt) noise floor and THD+N down -110 dB from 44.1k to 192k.

Not least thanks to a better PCB layout and improved power supply and clock.

Photo: Wiim

The DAC uses something AKM calls Velvet Sound Technology, which is not described very clearly in the press release, but should in some way contribute to less distortion and better dynamics.

The analogue inputs can also be converted to digital signal, and the Plus is equipped with a Burr-Brown Audio PCM1861 analogue to digital processor from Texas Instruments with 32-bit/192 kHz resolution.

It supports a wide range of streaming services, including AirPlay 2, Alexa Casting, Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, Qobuz, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Deezer, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and Chromecast Audio – and yes, it will be Roon Ready in an upcoming update. Which will also include a parametric equaliser.

Price and availability

Photo: Wiim

The streamer has analogue inputs and outputs as well as optical and coaxial connections, Ethernet and Wi-Fi. It also supports voice control with Siri, Alexa and Google via the included remote control. There’s also an app for the streamer where you can configure and select settings for connections, EQ settings and more.

The Plus edition will be available in stores during August at a price of €249.

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