We’ve got our hands on Denon AVC-A110

Denon just released four 110th anniversary products. We've already got our hands on Denon AVC-A110!

Published 2020-09-11 - 3:20 pm

We have ordered all 110-year-old models for testing, but we never thought it would only take three days until we got the first one delivered! The Denon AVC-A110 is already unpacked and will be on the test bench immediately.


The graphite gray color is stunning. Firstly, it is nice to see something other than black, still the gray color is dark and not very reflective, reducing glare from the projector in a dark room.

The amplifier is large and heavy (23.3 kg), and we dare say beautiful for a Japanese home theater amplifier.

The Denon AVC-A110 is a home theater monster

The AVC-A110 is a 13.2-channel surround amplifier built on the flagship AVC-X8500H. Packed with the latest components, it supports both 8K 60 Hz and 4K 120 Hz video resolution and of course the 3D audio formats Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. In addition, it does DTS: X Pro and Auro-3D, and it is IMAX Enhanced certified to make the best og IMAX titles. With eARC, it decodes high-resolution audio directly from the TV’s HDMI input.

We were already blown away by the standard model, and with new and better technology, we expect an even better experience. Not least thanks to multi-mono construction, a hefty 8.2 kg toroidal transformer and specially made 22,000 µF / 80V capacitors. Not to mention 150 watts per. channel, with two channels operated simultaneously.

IMG_1374 IMG_1377 IMG_1379 IMG_1381 Denon AVC-A110 unboxed
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