Ruark R1S: Versatile little table radio

Can also be used on battery power.

By / 18 July 2023 - 8:00 am
Ruark R1S: Versatile little table radio

The small Ruark radios usually do well in our tests, with the sound in particular being a notch above the competition. Ruark believes this also applies to the new R1S. It is a slightly unusual radio receiver with DAB+.

It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so you can stream music over the network while accessing internet radio via Wi-Fi. So you have the whole world in one small radio, and you can find a distant radio station by using the potentiometer on the top to navigate the radio stations displayed on the colour screen on the front.

WEB_Image_Ruark_R1S_DAB__Radio_med_Streaming_DAB___2023-01-23_new_r1s-back-779937720_plid_216832 WEB_Image_Ruark_R1S_DAB__Radio_med_Streaming_DAB___2023-01-23_new_r1s-front_low264244941_plid_216832 WEB_Image_Ruark_R1S_DAB__Radio_med_Streaming_DAB___2023-01-23_new_r1s-top1157457214_plid_216832
Photo: Ruark

The front grille of the small radio is made from sustainable, slow-growing hardwood and the radio supports Spotify Connect, Amazon Music and Deezer (no mention of Tidal).

The Ruark radio also has an input for external audio sources, a headphone output and a USB C port for charging your mobile phone.

It remembers the last six Bluetooth devices connected, so the whole family can easily connect whenever they want. You can also purchase an optional battery pack, BackPack 3, to take the radio on the go.

The radio is priced at €400, the battery pack at €87.

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