Marantz CD 50n & Model 50

New network player with CD and an integrated amplifier.

By / 28 October 2023 - 8:00 am
Marantz CD 50n & Model 50

When Marantz launched the Model 30 and SACD 30n, it marked a new generation at Marantz. And it has continued with the Model 40n, CD60 and more recently the Stereo 70s receiver.

But it doesn’t end here, because now there’s another network player with CD, or is it the other way round? The CD 50n has inbuilt networking and is a more affordable version of the SACD 30n, but without the ability to play SACDs.

Model 50 is an integrated amplifier in the same design as Model 70 and 40n.

HDMI ARC and network capability

Foto: Marantz

The Marantz CD 50n is actually equipped with HDMI ARC for connecting and controlling TV audio, while also offering network connectivity, both via Ethernet and wireless. There are also digital inputs for other audio sources, and the built-in ESS Sabre digital converter supports up to 32 bit and 384 kHz PCM via USB and DSD 256.

Foto: Marantz

It also has a variable volume output, so the player can be used as a pre-amplifier, directly to a power amplifier or a pair of active speakers.

Naturally, it supports streaming services like Spotify, Tidal and AirPlay 2, and has Marantz’s and Denon’s HEOS built-in.

Model 50

Low--Marantz_MODEL50_N_bk_StudioB Low--Marantz_MODEL50_bk_StudioD_02 Low--Marantz_CD50n_bk_StudioD_02 Low--Marantz_CD50n_N_sg_StudioB
Model 50 top removed. Photo: Marantz

The Model 50 is a pure two-channel integrated amplifier with 70 watts per channel and class A/B amplifier circuitry similar to the Model 40. It also features Marantz HDAM amplifier modules and six analogue inputs plus turntable input for MM pickups.

Prices and availability

Low--Marantz_CD50n_bk_StudioF Low--Marantz_CD50n_sg_StudioR Low--Marantz_MODEL50_U_N_K_F_bk_StudioR Low--Marantz_MODEL50_U_N_K_F_sg_StudioL
Photo: Marantz

The Marantz CD 50n and Model 50 are in stores now and are priced at €1,800 each.

We have both the Marantz CD 50n and Model 50 on the test bench, and you will be able to read about the results next month.

Photo: Marantz


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