Sound United takes over Bowers & Wilkins

B&W continues as before, only under new ownership

written by / 2020-10-09 - 1:22 pm
Sound United takes over Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins are now under Sound United’s umbrella, and in good company. Negotiations have been going on since this summer, and today Sound United announces that they have taken over B&W, including licenses, patents, and distribution of the legendary speaker manufacturer.

Sound United is a parent company founded in 2012, which is owned by a private investment company, which also owns the speaker manufacturers Boston Acoustics, Definitive Technology and Polk Audio.

They also own Canadian Classé, Denon, HEOS and Marantz. This makes Sound United one of the largest owners in the hi-fi and sound industry.

“The acquisition of Bowers & Wilkins combines their industry-leading acoustic design, technology, production and expertise in the premium category, with Sound United’s size, technical understanding and market, to ensure that Bowers & Wilkins continues to grow,” said Kevin Duffy, CEO. at Sound United, in a press release.

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