Philips launches two interactive touch screens: 242B9TL and 172B9TL

Philips releases 17 and 24 inch computer screen with touch functionality. The largest 242B9TL has Full HD resolution.

Published 2020-10-19 - 8:35 am

Two new LCD screens are launched under the Philips umbrella, both with SmoothTouch pointing function. This is a capacitive 10-point touch technology, which gives PC users touch functionality on external monitors. The technology will also ensure a quick response to your touches.

The anti-reflective coating makes the screens suitable for bright environments, and to resist scratches, the glass surface is hardened to a hardness of 7H (where 5H is ordinary glass and 10H is diamond). In addition, the front is water and dustproof with IP65 certification. The back can not necessarily be secured against water splashes, as it needs ventilation.

242B9TL and 172B9TL

The screens come in 17 and 24 inch sizes, under the names 172B9TL and 242B9TL. The latter has Full HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels (16: 9), while the smallest has SXGA resolution ie 1280 x 1024 pixels (5: 4).

Both monitors have an HDMI input and a DisplayPort connection. In addition, they have two USB 3.1 connections for fast data transfer.

The pointing function can be used with your own finger, a passive touch pen made of an electrically conductive substance or rubber, and certain types of gloves.

Image quality

To give the best possible image when working or entertaining, both models are flicker-free, and they have a SmartContrast function, which automatically adjusts colors and brightness based on the backlight. Both also have a LowBlue function, which reduces blue light and thus better safeguards night vision.

Table stand included, and the screens are compatible with VESA mounts.

Philips 172B9TL and Philips 242B9TL will cost about 400 and 450 Euro.

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