Vinyl is the future for Metallica

Vinyl renaissance: Metallica have invested in their own record factory to make sure their fans will never be short of LPs.

By / 19 March 2023 - 8:00 am
Vinyl is the future for Metallica

Vinyl is alive and well. We wrote this a few days ago, when a report from the record industry showed that LPs have definitively surpassed CD sales.

Metallica has just acquired a controlling majority stake in the Furnace record factory This is according to the music media Music Business Worldwide. This should ensure that the band’s orders are placed at the front of the queue.

The band has been working with Furnace Record Pressing since 2014, and the factory has pressed more than five million vinyl records of Metallica albums.

The acquisition will allow Metallica to meet the massive demand for Metallica records,” said Furnace CEO Eric Astor.

Image credit: Tim Saccenti for Metallica, Group 72 Sessions.


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