Elvis makes a comeback in Las Vegas – on the world’s largest LED screen

KING SIZE premieres in The Sphere this weekend.

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Elvis makes a comeback in Las Vegas – on the world’s largest LED screen

Friday 29 September will be a special day in “Sin City”: The Sphere will open its doors to the public for the very first time. L&B Tech Reviews has previously written about the giant LED sphere, which is expected to be one of the largest entertainment stages in Vegas.

The 2.3 billion-dollar project will be inaugurated this weekend with an opening concert by U2, but a new immersive video presentation has also been created to honour Elvis Presley.

KING SIZE is reportedly the largest video collage ever made, and it will be shown on the huge 16K resolution immersive LED screen that covers the walls inside The Sphere.

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The spherical LED building is also equipped with a whopping 164,000 surround speakers. Beat that!

KING SIZE by Marco Brambilla

KING SIZE is about Elvis – the king of rock’n’roll – and his life, career and death in Las Vegas. At the same time, it reflects on culture, capitalism, the American dream and the consequences of developments in artificial intelligence.

The video material was created by artist Marco Brambilla, who is known for using digital imaging technologies and artificial intelligence in his complex video installations. And for directing Demolition Man.

To bring Elvis “back to life” on screen, Brambilla used machine learning to process over 12,000 film samples (including the 33 films Elvis starred in) – the result is a mix of existing and AI-generated video clips.

The presentation will feature 1,000 individual film clips, and CGI/computer graphics have been used to create 3D versions of various objects and add layer upon layer of detail.

Marco Brambilla is also behind the video work Heaven’s Gate, which takes a satirical look at Hollywood glamour. (Photo: Marco Brambilla Studio)

Premiere 29 September

KING SIZE premieres at Sphere, Las Vegas, on 29 September and will run until 16 December. The organisers and producer are obviously reluctant to release video material so close to the premiere – but they have shared a video teaser, which you can watch below. We’ll just have to imagine what it will look and sound like on The Sphere’s huge LED screen and speaker system …

[vplayer id=’239640′]

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