High End 2022: Dynaudio Focus

Two Focus speakers are all you need to stream music.

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High End 2022: Dynaudio Focus

We’ve previously tested wireless, active Focus speakers from Danish Dynaudio and were thrilled with the sound, but not quite so thrilled with the control. Now it seems we may have been heard, because the new Dynaudio Focus range looks far more exciting than we’d hoped.

With these speakers you don’t need an extra box to connect audio sources other than your phone. Everything is integrated into the speaker, which is also equipped with HDMI input for TV sound.

So they’ve had a proper overhaul, and so has the sound.

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dynaudiofocus50 walnut 01
Dynaudio Focus 50 in walnut. (Photo: Dynaudio)

Dirac calibration

All of the new Focus Series speakers feature Dynaudio’s own drivers and are measured in their Jupiter measurement laboratory, which is unlike anything else we’ve seen at a speaker factory. If for some reason you’re unhappy with the sound when you get home, you can have the dealer calibrate the speakers with a measurement microphone and software from Dirac.

The sound will then be adapted as closely as possible to the room in which it is placed. There’s even compensation for whether or not you’re wearing the magnetic fabric covers.

The new Focus series is not only wireless with AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast, among others; they can also be connected to the network with Ethernet cable and have support for wireless connection to a WiSA-compatible TV.

dynaudiofocus10 white 04
Dynaudio Focus 10 back. (Photo: Dynaudio)

App control

All Focus Series speakers have analogue and digital inputs on one of them, plus a subwoofer output for those who need it. A remote control is also included, and of course everything can be controlled from an app on your phone. Where you also have access to Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, QPlay, UPnP and Netradio, as well as the speakers being Roon Ready.

dynaudiofocus50 primary amplifier 02
Dynaudio Focus 50 amplifier module. (Photo: Dynaudio)

The series consists of three models: the compact shelf model Focus 10 features a 280 + 110 watt amplifier module, a 14 cm MSP woofer and Dynaudio’s 28 mm dome tweeter. The same tweeter can be found in the slim floorstanding Focus 30, which also features two 14 cm MSP basses. Finally, the large floorstanding Focus 50 features two 18 cm MSP woofers, a 14 cm MSP midrange and a 28 mm dome tweeter.

The floorstanders also have more power in the form of a 280-watt amplifier module for the woofers, plus 280 watts for the midrange and 110 watts for the tweeter.

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dynaudiofocusfamily white
The Dynaudio Focus family in white. (Photo: Dynaudio)

Prices and availability

The speakers are already on their way to dealers, and you can choose between black, white and a light apricot veneer.

Prices are quoted at:

  • Focus 10: 5.000 euro
  • Focus 30: 7.500 euro
  • Focus 50: 10.000 euro
dynaudiofocus10 walnut 01
Dynaudio Focus 10 in walnut. (Photo: Dynaudio)

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