CES 2023: Lenovo displays beyond limits

Laptops with dual screens, one of which can be rotated? Lenovo had thought out of the box at CES 2023.

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CES 2023: Lenovo displays beyond limits

Lenovo is the world’s largest PC manufacturer, but it may still have a slightly boring image to contend with. And they did so emphatically at the CES 2023 trade show in Las Vegas. Alongside the expected powerful gaming machines, the Chinese brought, among other things, a digital notepad and a laptop with two OLED screens.

The Yoga series was expanded with several models. Including the all-in-one PC Yoga AIO 9i, the slim Yoga Slim 6i. And – for those who can’t get enough screen space, the Yoga Book 9i has two 13.3″ OLED displays.

The YogaBook 9i has two screens and a detached keyboard. (Photo: Lenovo)

In addition, the existing models in the Yoga series are of course updated with new processors from Intel and AMD.

Lenovo is also still making tablets. Here, Lenovo launched the 14-inch(!) and aptly named Lenovo Tab Extreme, which can be switched between serving as a laptop and tablet. And Lenovo Smart Paper, a digital notepad with handwriting recognition and space for more than 50,000 notes.

11_Louvre_Hero_Folio 18_Lenovo_Tab_Extreme_Hero_Tab_Scecon_Monitor_For_PC_Wireless
The Lenovo Tab Extreme is a 14" tablet with a separate keyboard. (Photo: Lenovo)

Lenovo had also thought outside the box on the business models. ThinkBook Plus Twist has two screens in one. The two screens are OLED and e-Ink respectively, but you can’t see them at the same time as they are mounted back-to-back. On the other hand, you can choose between the sides in a snap by rotating the screen around its axis.

We’re not quite sure what need Lenovo has met here – but it’s certainly original and eye-catching!

04_ ThinkBook_Plus_Twist_Hero_Typewriter_Mode 08_ThinkBook_Plus_Gen_4_Hero_Twist_Hinge 15_ThinkBook_Plus_Gen_4_Hero_Front_Facing_Left_A_Cover 05_ ThinkBook_Plus_Twist_Hero_OLED_Tablet_mode
Hocus pocus... screen or e-Ink? Levo's chameleonic ThinkBook Plus Twist has them both. (Photo: Lenovo)

The ThinkBook range also has a new addition in the form of the ThinkBook 16p Gen 4, which has a “magic” docking space at the top of the screen for mounting upgrade parts. Such as a better webcam, LTE modem or video light. Only one of those at a time, though.

ThinkBook 16p Gen. 4. (Photo: Lenovo)

Gaming with AI chip

In connection with CES, Lenovo is also updating the Legion gaming series. This includes the world’s first dedicated AI chip, which should be able to optimise performance automatically during gameplay on the new Lenovo Legion Pro 7 and 7i as well as the Lenovo Legion Pro 5 and 5i. Many of Lenovo’s models come in two processor versions, so the “i” stands not for “injection” but for “Intel.”

01_Legion_5_Pro_Hero_Front_Facing_Left 02_Legion_Pro_5i_Hero_Front_Facing_Right_ 02_Legion_Pro_7_Hero_Front_Facing_Left 01_Legion_Pro_7i _Hero_Front_Facing_Right
Lenovo Legion Pro 5i (Intel)

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