DUEL: LG OLED48CX vs Sony KD-48A9

Super image in compact format!

LG and Sony are the first to offer OLED TVs in a new 48 inch screen size. But which of these compact monitors works best, and for what? It's time for a mini-OLED duel!

Published 2020-11-01 - 7:00 am
LG OLED48CX vs Sony KD-48A9
Audun Hage

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The sharp and contrast-rich OLED TVs have long been limited to screen sizes from 55 ”and up. Virtually all OLED screens originate from the South Korean LG Display, which produces and cuts the panels in specific templates of 55, 65 and 77 ”. But now there is hope: After renewing the production line, the LG factory can finally offer a wider range of screen sizes, including an extra compact 48 ”variant!

This is undoubtedly good news for those who have wanted an OLED TV for special applications where you have less space, sit very close to the screen or just want a small TV for aesthetic reasons. Whether you want a good TV for the office, bedroom or gaming room, it is now free to enjoy the picture quality from OLED in a new, compact format.

The new OLED variant measures approximately 107 and 62 centimeters wide and high, which makes it possible to squeeze the OLED screen in narrower places than before. (Photo: LG)

48” OLED

Since it is the sister company LG Display that produces the picture panels, it comes as no surprise that LG Electronics is among the first to offer a TV in the new size. The 2020 model LG OLED48CX is the first 48 ”edition from LG. Next on the list is the Sony KD-48A9 which also uses a 48 ”panel from LG, where the Japanese have swung the wand over image processing and sound reproduction as they usually do. We can probably expect more manufacturers to offer 48 ”OLED eventually, but right now it’s about these two!

Products in this test


Compact contrast cannon!

LG's new OLED TV shows that even a small TV can provide great picture experiences!

Sparkling good contrast, superb image sharpness, plus very good connection options make LG's small putt OLED a safe choice for those looking for a small but brilliant TV.
The OLED screen is still relatively dim compared to the best LCD screens. The 48 "version does not cost much less than the larger 55" model.
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Sony KD-48A9

Small but tough

Sony's smallest OLED TV impresses with razor-sharp picture quality, plus clear sound from the built-in speakers. Could this be the perfect bedroom TV?

Sony KD-48A9 provides a beautiful picture and sound experience, with great contrast, deep black level and smooth movements. Plus for strong and clear sound from the built-in (and invisible) speakers.
The screen is a bit thicker than most OLED screens. The KD-48A9 also lacks some of the HDMI 2.1 features, which can be disappointing for gaming enthusiasts.
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