Google Pixel 7

When we recently tested the Google Pixel 7 Pro, it took us by storm. Because the first Pixel phone to be launched in the Nordics is a really excellent phone. So good, in fact, that it won our award for best premium phone of the year. Not everyone wants to pay that much for a …

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

The latest iteration of Samsung’s folding phone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, is a small upgrade that brings the phone up to date in 2022, but besides that it’s quite similar to last year’s model. Or the year before, for that matter. Samsung has two foldable smartphones in it’s lineup. In addition to the …

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Apple Watch Ultra

After a long period of small updates every year, there is finally a major release from Apple in the smartwatch department. Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s latest smartwatch. It’s got the same features and operating system as the Apple Watch Series 8, but it’s a bigger, more rugged and more powerful version of Apple’s popular …

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Pocketbook Era 64 GB

Shy of two years ago we testet PowerBook InkPad X with it’s large 10.3 inch display. With its big and bright display it could have been the ultimate e-book reader, if it weren’t for one major flaw. It was a excruciatingly slow. Buttons presses weren’t particularly responsive. You had to wait several seconds for it …

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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

This test will be on the shorter side. There’s plenty to say about the new iPhone 14 Pro Max, but in most respects it’s quite similar to the slightly smaller iPhone 14 Pro we’ve already tested. So you can refer to that review to learn all about the new 48 megapixel camera, the screen’s powerful …

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iPhone 14 Pro

When Apple releases a new iPhone, the newer model is always faster and slightly better than its predecessor. That’s how they maintain a slight edge over the competition. With the iPhone 14 Pro, the lead is once again extended, not only in performance, but in several areas. The new 14 Pro crushes its competitors in …

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Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

In connection with the pandemic, we have lost our TV room at home. Or rather: It has been converted into a home office, making my morning routine with a big cup of coffee and the news reasonably impossible to complete. The mobile can of course be used instead, but it is honestly a bit small. …

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Nokia X20

Nokia X20

When the Nokia X20 was launched, the manufacturer, HMD Global, made great speeches about sustainability, CO2 emissions and reduction of electronic waste. The main idea behind the mobile phone is that you should be able to keep the mobile phone for an extra in addition to the two years that are the normal time consumers …

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