Review: OLED TV-duel: Samsung S95D vs. LG OLED G4

Which is the best OLED TV of 2024?

Two of the most exciting top models of the year collide in a prestigious TV battle. Which of these OLED TVs offers the very best picture quality - the Samsung S95D or the LG OLED G4?

Published 2024-05-07 - 8:00 am
OLED TV-duel: Samsung S95D vs. LG OLED G4
Audun Hage

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Samsung and LG are among the TV industry’s most high-profile rivals. Backed by their respective panel factories, LG Display and Samsung Display, the two South Korean TV manufacturers are fighting a fierce battle for market share. Now they have also become competitors in the demanding OLED segment.

OLED displays are known for their superior contrast and deep black levels, and more and more manufacturers are turning to OLED when developing new models. LG helped introduce the technology 11 years ago, while Samsung has come in strong from the sidelines in recent years with its own QD-OLED variant.

Samsung S95D vs. LG OLED G4

Of course, there’s a lot of prestige associated with this year’s new high-end flagship models, the Samsung S95D and LG G4. This is where the manufacturers have used all their technical know-how and the latest cutting-edge technology to give us the best picture quality.

The Samsung S95D uses the latest QD-OLED panel with super matte ‘Glare Free’ screen surface, while the LG OLED G4 features the latest WOLED panel and extra bright MLA technology.

Both TVs are equipped with the latest video processors, NQ4 AI and Alpha 11, which both refer to highly advanced and intelligent AI technology. The goal is to achieve the best picture and sound quality through stronger and smarter processing.

On top of that, of course, both come with the ‘latest advances’ in product design, smart features and usability, which will hopefully be rolled out to more affordable models over time.

OLED duel

We were lucky enough to borrow both flagship models in 65-inch versions, which cost a tidy sum of DKK 23,999 (LG OLED65G4) and DKK 26,999 (Samsung TQ65S95D).

In the high-end class, you’re allowed to have high expectations. As usual, we’re looking for the best picture quality, but of course we also emphasise sound, features and overall usability.

Does the super matte screen filter really make a positive difference to image quality? Have Samsung and LG managed to squeeze even more brightness and contrast out of the OLED panel and does the new AI image processing provide an even sharper picture?

So which of these high-end OLED TVs offers the very best experience? It’s time to find out. Ready-set-go!

Products in this test


The very best OLED TV

This year's top model LG OLED G4 has received a few updates that make this TV a truly phenomenal imaging machine - perhaps the best we've seen.

The LG G4 is an excellent TV with fantastic picture quality, great connectivity and format support, and a sleek and stylish design.
The sound reproduction is quite thin and will need help from a soundbar.
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Samsung S95D (TQ65S95D)

Samsung S95D: No reflections!

Samsung's new OLED flagship delivers an amazing picture experience - with virtually no glare.

The Samsung S95D delivers a high-contrast and colourful image with virtually no reflections from the screen. It also impresses with its attractive design and excellent sound.
The matt screen surface may have some side effects depending on the lighting conditions in the room. The Samsung display does not support the HDR format Dolby Vision.
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