Review: LG Objet Collection Posé (48LX1Q6LA)

Designer TV on high heels

Finally, a designer TV where you don't have to compromise on picture quality.

Published 2023-04-12 - 8:00 am
LG Objet Collection Posé (48LX1Q6LA)
Audun Hage

Have you ever wondered why TVs are rarely featured in property adverts on real estate websites? It’s because black screens and “cable clutter” constitute a form of visual noise that interior designers avoid like the plague when it comes to making a living room inviting and presentable.

With their new design model Posé, LG has tried to create a more tidy and visually appealing TV. Whether it will be the “interior designer’s dream” we can’t say for sure, but it certainly stands out from the other boring flat screens on the market.

The LG monitor comes in 42, 48 and 55 inches – all with state-of-the-art OLED panels. We’ve tested the middle one, which costs around €1300 – a few hundred more than a standard LG C2.

Posé is part of the Objet series from LG (Photo: LG)

LG Posé – Design

LG’s OLED TVs have been criticised for their picture quality, and most of them are quite flat and boring in appearance, just like so many other TVs. The Posé, on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air, design-wise.

Although LG had help from Dutch Moooi with the design, one might suspect that they are a bit inspired by their arch-competitor Samsung, with design models such as The Frame, and perhaps especially the floor-standing The Serif.

The LG Posé, like Samsung’s The Serif, is made to stand freely in the room on its own legs, and can be placed wherever you find it most convenient, regardless of wall placement or TV stand. For example, in a corner, or in the centre of the floor in case you have a large, open living room.


Power and TV signals are discreetly routed through the legs, and there’s a small shelf on the back for external devices. You could easily place an Apple TV box or Google Chromecast here, for example, keeping the wires completely hidden.

The design looks appealing to us. The Posé looks great from all angles, with a cover on the back that keeps wires and switches hidden. The finish is mostly white plastic, but the fabric-covered back cover adds a little extra quality.

Note: Posé is made specifically to be placed on the floor. The four feet provided ensure that the screen is positioned at the recommended viewing height. Alternatively, you can hang the screen on the wall using a compatible VESA mount (optional). However, no feet for table mounting are included.

Ease of use and features

In terms of operation and use, the Posé is very much like other LG TVs, with the WebOS user interface and Magic Remote pointing remote control. However, here the remote is white to match the look of the screen.

The menu system is easy to familiarise yourself with and offers an ample selection of apps. The latest streaming services, including SkyShowtime and HBO Max, are available for subscription. LG is quick to update as soon as a new service or feature is released.

The connectivity options are quite good, but it’s worth noting that LG – oddly enough – has settled for only three HDMI inputs on this particular model. These are HDMI 2.1 compatible, with support for 4K/120Hz. This means that the LG monitor is also well prepared for gaming.

In addition to looking great from all angles, the LG TV also has a “party trick” in the form of the Art Gallery app, where you can download various image series and illustrations. These are displayed when the screen is on standby, avoiding the TV being a black hole in the centre of the living room.

Image quality

It’s great to have a different and innovative TV, but it doesn’t help much if the image quality is pale and dull. Fortunately, LG has realised this, as they have not skimped on imaging resources in this case.

The Posé is equipped with a modern and high-contrast OLED panel. All three screen sizes use the so-called Evo technology, with the only difference being that the 55-inch version boasts a slightly higher maximum brightness. The video processor is the same as we find in the LG OLED C2 (a7 gen5).

Image-wise, we’re in familiar territory here, and the Posé LX1 immediately shows that it retains the usual OLED qualities. The LG screen produces a razor-sharp and high-contrast image that is virtually free of noise and unevenness. The OLED panel has a very even light distribution, with no bright spots or “blooming” that can be seen on many LCD screens. Colour reproduction is strong and well-balanced, and we would immediately prefer the ‘Home Cinema’ setting as the best for movies and shows.

The screen also has enough brightness to allow you to watch TV in a bright room in the middle of the day without missing anything. With wide support for various video formats, such as Dolby Vision HDR, you can rest assured that the latest series are presented in the best possible way.

Another advantage of OLED technology is that the viewing angle becomes very wide. The image retains contrast and colour balance whether you look at the screen from the front or from the side. This is particularly clever in Posé’s case, allowing the screen to be rotated in different directions without compromising on image quality.

One thing you have to live with, however, is that the OLED screen can get a bit too “mirror-like” in bright environments. LG has a relatively glossy type of screen glass, especially compared to Samsung The Frame, where they have opted for a completely matte surface. You may want to take this into account when positioning the screen in relation to windows and other light sources.

Sound quality

LG and Moooi have also cleverly made room for a set of speakers. There’s a separate “sound bar” directly below the screen, which is aimed directly at the seating position.

Sound quality is definitely better than average: the Posé LX1 has a clear and present voice that comes across well in the room. There’s also enough richness to give sound effects and music plenty of weight and substance. We even experienced a slight surround effect in shows like Drive to Survive on Netflix, where the Dolby Atmos sound format is also supported.

The Posé definitely sounds well above the average of other TVs. Which is an advantage, because the design is not easily combined with a soundbar – although you can do so via the HDMI eARC output. Another option, of course, is to connect the TV to a set of speakers wirelessly, via Bluetooth or the WiSA standard.


The LG Objet Collection Posé LX1 is aimed at those who want a slightly different and visually appealing TV – without compromising on picture quality. And here LG has hit the spot in our eyes. The 48LX1 comes with a state-of-the-art OLED panel, with strong contrast, excellent colour reproduction and impressive black levels. The LG monitor has several smart features that help keep your installation neat and presentable. It can stand freely in the room on its own legs, and has an impressively sleek design with curved edges. The back plate has a clever shelf to hide or store various items, while cables are concealed through the base. If you’re looking for a stylish TV for the living room, bedroom or basement film den, this will be right up your street!

LG Objet Collection Posé (48LX1Q6LA)

We think

The LG Posé has a thoughtful and visually appealing design that allows it to be placed freely in the room. The high-contrast OLED panel ensures excellent picture quality. The LG Posé has to make do with 3 HDMI inputs, and of course you'll have to pay a little extra for the luxurious design solutions.

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